Wednesday, December 26, 2007

My glorious 2007

As I consider what has happened over 2008 (so far) it seems like a wonderful whirlwind. God has led me by His Holy Spirit to do some things I could only previously dreamed of. I have, by God's strength publicly preached, prayed, worshipped, led people to Jesus and proclaimed His name in about 7 Irish towns or cities (above photo is me in Cork in August) and 3 in England. About 18 months prior I had done none of this even though I knew my Lord and Saviour. So what is the difference? I can only put it down to one thing that is the call of God. It started when I believed God was calling me to nightime evangelism in Dublin, having no clue of how, where or when and with a sizeable amount of fear and trepidation about violance and vomit on the streets.

On the balcony of Trinity church in Abbey street after one Sunday meeting I got talking to Derek and Decaln who informed me of a group of christians who went out on Fridays at 11pm on Grafton Street and held large yellow "John 3"7" signs. I went the first night, a balmy summer night and met the people and took a sign myself. What amazed me was that very soon strangers were approaching and asking questons like "What is John 3:7", " What does it mean to be Born again?" and countless other questions (right up to 2am and beynd) about Jesus and the gospel. I was blessed to share my faith and I knew God used me as a blesssing to speak the word of life to others.

Back in the late 1980's when I first met Jesus I did a lot of "street work" but we often, infact nearly always coldly approached people with Gospel tracts, surveys or questions with a view to explaining the cross which on a few occasions we got as far as. This new "method" amazed me as each encounter was started by the enquirer! A few months later I met up again with my old evangelist friend and veteran street preacher Ollie. He had recently employed a new method of outreach by way of holding up a small but highly visible sign saying "JESUS". Red letters on white measuring only about 6 inches wide but visible from about 25 metres away or more. I joined Him one day in this mad adventure and I was instantly astounded by the impact of this method. He is the name above all names and we are called to lift him higher but I never thought that God would have me do this literally! The effect on the passers by was awesome. It caused a reaction in almost everyone. Most looked with amazement and stared, some turned their face away ( like in Isaiah 52!), some called out snearing comments (inspired by guess who!), some asked "What are you doing?" and some shook our hands with a big smile and blessing! The oppertunities to witness about the cross were ever more numerous than the "John 3:7" led to.

God led me to hold up this Jesus sign over the Woman's mini Maraton in Dublin and over the Dublin City Marathon and the exiting masses from the All-Ireland football final on Jones Road outside Croke Park. I believe it is both a prophetic act to lift up HIs name in this land and a practical method to start discussions about the cross. Various people in different places in UK and Europe are doing this now and the results, though mostly difficult to measure, are amazing. I have heard of whole offices discussing Jesus all day long as a result of a saint boldly holding up "the name".

During the year I bought a portable stool so that on a crowded stret I could be head and shoulders above the crowd with the sign or preaching. At the end of the year God brought me into contact with another street preacher in Dublin called John and I believe that 2008 has much in store with regards to co-labouring with him.

My passion for the Church in Ireland is that they "Wake up" and bring the gospel message back central to their focus. Let us never take our eyes off Jesus and in so doing our eyes will never be off the lost for whom He came and died and sent HIs Holy Spirit to empower us to reach!! Pentectostals or charismatics have this odd idea that since they were baptised in the Holy Spirit they "have it all now" and can just limp on for the rest of their life on earth.. My Bible tells me different. It tells me that the same crowd who received the Baptism or infilling to overflowing of the Holy Spirit in Acts 2 got it again in Acts 4 when they prayed. I now pray for a fresh infilling of the Holy SPirit EACH time I go out for Him....and guess what...He is faithful to that prayer. Have a great 08. Ant

Monday, December 17, 2007

Stealing Christmas back off the devil!

Christmas brings many different emotions to different people. For many it brings stress, loneliness and depression but for the blood bought born again child of God it brings a reminder of the arrival of our wonderful saviour on the planet! Pagan worship of Mother and Chid which originated in Babylon and spread to the world says that the mother is supreme and the child is helpless. This is the picture of Christmas that many religious people adopt...God love them.. but Jesus was different. He was and is the living word...who is God and existed at the creation and is therefore the only one ever older than HIs mother!! The devil knew the threat to his kingdom caused by the birth of Bethleham's much so that he ordered the bloody and cruel murder of the infants in a demonic and desperate attempt to kill Him before he could lay down his Holy life for the unholy lost. Which camp are you in? Which master do you serve? Whose goodness are you relying on yours or His?

The picture is the "Massacre of the innocents" by Rubens. Remember that if the enemy was so enraged something very Godly and powerful must have been going on in this birth!

Sunday, December 09, 2007

5 Less in Hell!

"How can I get Born Again?" I was asked by the chap in his thirties. Maurice had been preaching for about 20 minutes at this stage and my friend was rooted to the spot listening outside Dunnes Stores on Grafton Street on a damp Saturday afternoon 3 weeks before Christmas. "You apologize to God for your behavior and surrender all to Him, believing that when He died at Calvary He carried your sin and punishment and that He rose from the grave". As we prayed heaven opened up God smiled and another hell bound soul took a 180 degree turn into the arms of God. When I met him the next day he was a different man. Joy had replaced a heavy despair. Hope was bursting out of his words and life had entered him. What a joy to be an ambassador for Jesus. God united me on the street with John Ahern of All Nations Church, Maurice from Dundalk and Dorcas from Every Nation Church. Jesus unites us and the enemy aint too happy when not only my friend but 4 others had their names entered into the book of life and had their reservations in hell cancelled. To God be all the glory!!

Saturday, December 01, 2007

God's got a problem

God's got a problem. He loves you and wants a RELATIONSHIP with you. He doesn't want you in Hell but with Him now and forever in Heaven. Problem is this: He is Holy and Heaven is a holy place yet you are NOT holy! You may be a decent bloke or gal but the judge is not your ma but perfectly Holy Creator God. Are you that good? He wants you in heaven yet its an impossibility. The last unholy person in heaven (Lucifer) got turfed out and took a whole third of the angels with him when he was cast down to earth...Hmmm...don't think God's going to soften the rules for you after that episode.

The solution was to have His perfect Son Jesus come on earth, live a sinless life (demonstrating His holy kingdom) and then die in your place. Now you can come to God (today) not in your own "Goodness" but HIs! Turn around, Humble yourself, say "God you're right, I'm wrong, forgive me" Believe that Jesus died AND ROSE AGAIN for you and Confess "Jesus you are my Lord (number one)". Anyone who calls on the name of the Lord (Jesus) shall be saved!

Photo is of Oliver in Galway, Autumn 2007

Thursday, November 22, 2007

The old book says Earth is older than the sun....

The old book says Earth is older than the sun.
The new book says Jesus is older than his mum.

The gospel does not speak to the intellect
but to the conscience (ask the intellectual if he'll bow the knee if you answer his questions)

Foolishness to the perishing
Power of God to the saved

Who made God? they ask
Nobody 'cos if they did he wouldn't be God!

Either we dump the Word of God or we believe it.
If you dump it you're snubbing the One who bled for you! (Jesus the living Word)


Thursday, November 15, 2007

"Man the lifeboats!"

Calvary cannot be removed from the Gospel anymore than blood can be removed from the body. When God created man and put them in charge they violated his comandment and thereby gave their allegiance to the enemy. Man entered under a CURSE and since that day all have been under the curse, bar Jesus, the only One born different by the virgin birth, the only one that was older than His mother! He was eternal, He was God. God’s love to man is not mere sentiment but is expressed in a raw and powerful way (John 3:16) by this Jesus voluntarily becoming a curse for us by “taking” our sin and suffering the punishment and wrath of HOLY God who was not just unwilling but incapable of violating his own justice which demands death for sin. The resurrected Jesus was taken up into heaven and He sat down at the right hand of God but just before He went (see Mark 16) it was this Gospel (or Good News) that He told them to preach to all creation.

The doctor who goes soft on cancer diagnosis for fear of offending his clients will some day be exposed as a reckless irresponsible physician who is not fit to be recognised as a member of that profession. What of born again believers who equally go soft on the simple truth as revealed in God’s word regarding the true condition of “Natural” or sinful man. God call us to be multi dimensional in our witness (1 Cor 9:22) not so that we can have all inclusive life philosophies but for the single end which is “to save some”. Now gentlemen “man the lifeboats”!

Yesterday I had the honour of meeting Dave Kinsella evangelist and together for about 5 minutes we went fishing and had a wonderful chat with Muhammad a muslim man who, after discussion, admitted he had broken God's holy law, is guilty, deserves hell and is concerned about it. He heard that Jesus became a curse for him at Calvary and declared he'd been in Ireland for months but had never heard this good news before. On parting I asked him to ask God if this message was true...He said he would. To God be all the glory!!

Saturday, November 10, 2007

Religion is a load of....

"Religion is a load of **@@!!??**" the man said as he barged in on a chat we were having on Friday night on Grafton Street with a different man about the Gospel "I couldn't agree with you more!" I said at which his eyeballs grew in size with shock that I'd not be shocked or offended by his "attack". "It's relationship not religion God wants with you" and so our conversation began. As the conversation developed and his objections increased I quietly asked the lord what was physically wrong with the man. "You have a sore shoulder" I said without hesitation. "That's right!" He said. "God knows every detail about you..." and so the discussion ensued. We shook hands at the end. He didn't pray for salvation with me but I believe God demonstrated HIs power through a word of knowledge. Let ALL the glory be given to our wonderful King.

Before we went out we prayed that we would be led by the Holy Spirit in our words and actions and I can testify to the faithfullness of God in answering that prayer. Tonight in Temple Bar God similarly led me and my good friend John O'Connell in proclaiming the Name of the only One who was older than His mother, (that's JESUS) . One unusual moment tonight was when a homeless alcoholic I was talking to shouted at his equally homeless and equally alcoholic friend that "God was here" (not taking no for an answer). The friend was strangely mad at God, confused and demonised. After the encounter I was informed that the second chap had been a prominant member of 2 significnt churches in Dublin....God will not be mocked...yet I believe grace was extended to him tonight.

Monday, November 05, 2007

2000 Hits from 14 countries!

I am humbled to think that in the last 7 months this site has received 2009 hits. The map above shows where from (thanks to Clustrmaps!) We have been entrusted with a glorious message of life and my prayer is that I be found a good steward of what God trusted me with. What liberates me is the thought that I don't represent myself but the King of Kings when I share or preach His Word! Naturally I'm a big chicken who'll do almost anything to avoid conflict and rejection yet when God's Spirit fills me up I have no problem standing on a stool in the busiest street in one of Europe's busy city (Dublin) and proclaiming the Truth...with faith and passion. I know it's not "Ego" because I die each time I do it yet I experience the life of Christ in me. My deep passion is to have fellow believers look not to me or any other preacher or pastor but to Jesus HImself and to the lost whom Jesus dearly loves and to take small steps of obedience for Him in propogating the Good News. We never outgrow the Gospel unless you believe in universalism...but remember the Cross of Calvary disproved universalism!

If you study the map above you will notice how the central area is unrepresented. This relates to the 10 - 40 window where there is much spiritual darkness and a great need for the Truth of Jesus' atoning death to reconcile fallen man to Holy God. Most people in these regions are muslim and have no problem in believing that God is holy and man is unholy. Surely this represents fertile ground for the wonderful message of our sin being put on the shoulders of the only innocent Man!

Monday, October 29, 2007

Want to fight spiritual obesity?

Put on the full armour of God so you can stand against the devil's schemes...Pray also for me that whenever I open my mouth, words may be given me so that I can FEARLESSLY make known the mystery of the gospel. (Eph 6). We all know about God's armour but do we know what battle it's for? The devil and his demons know a lot more than the average person. They know the power of the name of JESUS. When this little baby was born to an unmarried mother in a poverty stricken overcrowded outhouse in an occupied middle east country the demonic powers were so enraged that all the boys in Bethleham and its vicinity aged 2 and under were massacred in a savage attempt to wipe Him out! " Awake, Awake O Zion, clothe yourself with strength...shake off your dust; rise yourself from the chains" (Isaiah 52). Want to fight spiritual obesity? (too much good food of the word and too little exercise of His will) Find someone who is doing the work of the Lord and join them. Peter had the faith to raise Dorcas from the dead because he was with Jesus when Jairus' daughter was raised! Some are out sharing their faith in different ways...Join them and let God teach you directly by doing (the Jesus teaching method!!).

The photo was taken this morning when I was out in front of 11,000 Dublin City Marathon runners. Every single breath taken during the race was a gift from God...think about it! Ant 0879795454

Monday, October 22, 2007

Stewards of what?

What are we stewards of as believers? Ephesians 6:19 "Pray also for me, that whenever I open my mouth, words may be given me so that I will fearlessly make known the mystery of the gospel". We are entrusted with the MYSTERY of the Gospel WHICH IS Christ in you the hope of glory. No-one is righteous but Jesus and it is his righteousness in us that is the ONLY hope of reconciliation and avoidance of wrath!...Oh dear did i mention a forbidden word (wrath)... Well here's another one HELL..the place where you and me deserve to go to because of our violoation of the perfect law of my Creator. Let's Get this straight: NO one is good...all have turned aside. In Christ alone can we stand...Think about it and check out the "Sin" animation on the right. It's funny and clever but deadly accurate in its message. We never Outgrow the Gospel.

The photo shows John and Freddie (the dog) at Naas last Friday. Myself and John witnessed, gave out tracts and preached outside the town hall. We had a good time and trust that the seeds that were sown will bear a rich harvest. To God be all the glory. Ant

Saturday, October 13, 2007

Miracle in Swords.

Adam and his mate were fascinated. Why in Swords is there a chap lifting up a sign with just "JESUS" written on it on a Friday evening at 6pm. They had to ask and when they learnt that it was about sharing God's good news about how to get into HIs Kingdom and be assured of forgiveness the mate said He didn't believe in God and "where was the proof?". He was then asked if he had any pains or sicknesses because if he did Jesus could heal him now! Adam said he'd a calf injury from sports and following prayer he turned in shock to his mate and said he was better "..Swear to God...". After a further discussion about the great exchange at the cross of Calvary where Jesus took our sin on himself Adam proclaimed "I get it!". God alone can open eyes and bring revelation.

I was asked to do an architectural job in Ashbourne and I initiailly declined but when the client begged me I realised that if I scheduled it for a Friday afternoon perhaps I could go "fishing for men" afterwards. When I finished the job I was driving towards Ashbourne and praying in the Spirit. When I saw the sign for Swords I felt a leading to go there instead. When I parked the car on the main street I felt slightly nervous and unsure where and how to start lifting up His name but I found a small quiet park in front of the County Buildings. I opened my pocket BIble at Romans 1 and saw "I am not ashamed of the Gospel".

NO I am not ashamed of the One I love who is Jesus! I then positioned myself outside the Londis shop and near the bus stop at a busy intersection and lifted up the sign. In a micro second I received such a baptism of Joy...God is so good. Dozens of eyes fixed on the sign instantly, one woman stood frozen at the shop entrance and stared for about 10 seconds. Some car horns hooted, teeneagers approached to ask and guessed it...Adam and his mate approached...

The photo is about 2 weeks old and is of our friend Leonidas who has now gone back to Burundi...but with a fire in his heart to preach the gospel in central Africa. Pray for him, he is a special brother. Ant

Sunday, October 07, 2007

Every Good Thing

I pray that you may be active in sharing your faith, so that you will have a full understanding of every good thing we have in Christ. (Philemon 1:6 (New International Version)). This verse expresses what I've known and experienced since I began a year ago to regularly go on the streets to share my faith. I believe and trust that the many witnessing, worshipping, preaching and prayer moments have been a blessing to some but I also know with great certainty that I too have grown in the knowledge of "every good thing we have in Christ". Regarding the full understanding...aint there yet! That's why this blog has a reply button!

Yesterday we were on George's Street in Dun Laoghaire (all 3 of us) holding high the Name above all names. God was with us. I called over a group of local teens (rough diamonds) who were chatting nearby (about us!) and puled out a million Euro note and offered it to the one who could answer my question "Why did Jesus go to the cross?". After many failed attempts to answer I explained about God's demonstration of His love to us by satisfying His Holy Justice at the cross. I was particularly struck by the yougest and smallest chap saying "Do you mean God really loves me?"

Sunday, September 16, 2007

Complete what He started

Do we really have God's love for the people? We know that God so loved the world that He sent His only Son that whosoever believes on Him will not perish but have everlasting life but do we realise that we , as believers in Jesus, have the honour of completing what He started! What I'm saying is we are HIs hands and feet today. His divine plan was for us to represent Him and make the Gospel known. The level of ignorance about the true Gospel in Ireland is staggering. Yes they've heard the name of Jesus and the story of his death but the relevance is missing as the consequnce of sin is trivialised. SIN IS DEADLY That's why He went to the cross...Now can we see the love God has for the lost! To Love is to put others first.

We had a blessed time in Galway on Saturday, all 8 of us guessed it...Freddie the Dog! 2 prayed to enter the Kingdom (not talking about Kerry!) and many others heard the preaching and witnessing. As the Lord leads I believe other towns and cities may come onto the agenda.

Remember that without the filling of the Holy Spirit EVANGELISM IS SCARY. But with His filling it is a joy and privilage.

Friday, September 07, 2007

Devil admits we are right in following Jesus!

At the name of Jesus EVERY KNEE SHALL BOW, in heaven on earth and under the earth, and every tongue confess thet Jesus Christ is Lord, to the glory of God the Father. (Phillipians 2:10+11). Think about it, the devil himself will ADMIT that we were right to follow Jesus. FIx that firmly in your mind now AND USE IT AGAINST HIM when he again lies to you that this gospel of ours is not for real, or that God wasn't serious when He gave us His word. The fact that he bows the knee does not mean he gets saved from judgement but it does confirm that truth will win out! Let's be on the winning side asap. Ant

Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Seems Right...but deadly!

There is a way that SEEMS right to man but the end thereof is DEATH. (Proverbs 14:12 + 16:24) . It SEEMS RIGHT to ignore the call of God to repent. It SEEMS RIGHT to just “do your best” and believe whatever you want. It SEEMS RIGHT to dabble in eastern or western religions. It SEEMS RIGHT to lose yourself in career and finance. It SEEMS RIGHT to seek the approval of the world in every respect. If any or all these ideas were correct than Jesus went up Calvary’s hill in vain!….but He didn’t!

The end of much that seems right is death (eternal separation from the creator God). How shall we escape if we neglect so great a salvation (Hebrews 2:3) Don’t be fooled by the sugar coating the enemy puts on death.

No Jesus? COME.
Know Jesus? GO

The image is by my frien Tom Fluharty. He is an awesome illustrator but even more awesome friend. Go to "Tom my illustrator Friend" at the side bar for more..


Saturday, September 01, 2007


I'm tempted to tell you about the chap who took my hand in prayer and humbled himself before the living God to receive the new birth...but I won't. Last night was certainly fruitful but God alone knows the full extent of our labours. We can talk at great lengths about the kingdom of God amongst ourselves as believers but for those who have yet to be made alive in Christ the message is of the cross. Jesus is the door into the kingdom and unless we are Born Again we will not SEE the kingdom at all (see John's gospel Chapter 3).

Before I went out last night I felt EMPTY. This has often happened and it is not a bad thing. God is teachig me that there are times when I NEED to be empty so He can fill me again with HIs Spirit. Don't proudly say that you've had an Acts 2 experience when you ignore the message at the end of Acts 4 which states that they (the people that were filled in Acts 2) were (again) filled with the Holy Spirit. Right now I don't particulatly feel FILLED but no prizes for guessing what my prayer will be before we go out this afternoon to again "fish for men"!

For those who pray THAAAAAANKS. WE need this vital support.

Dont forget to answet the qustion on the right hand side of this page before you leave. The Photo? Thats our pal Kenny in Manila witnessing and preaching to vast numbers. He's Irish and would appreciate your prayer support also.

In HIs majesty's Secret service
Ant 087 9795454
PS Txt me if u wish 2 fish

Sunday, August 26, 2007

Truth is a person!

The matchless name of Jesus was proclaimed yesterday on Grafton Street Dublin over a 3 hour period and large numbers stood to hear the message at different stages when 4 different people preached from our portable 2 foot high pulpit. Virtually no religious leaders are telling them the truth, that is the message of Christ crucified. We have no idea about the results, that's God's business although our desire is for new births on the street. God cares about the multitudes who are lost and separated and blinded by the god of this world and that's the burden He's put on our hearts. It seems like we only get the script from the Lord at the end of the day after the outreach is over! Thankfully we can trust our God to fulfill his work as we become a tiny part of HIs plan for planet Earth. A lively public question and answer session at the end of the afternoon with about a dozen people asking us questions warmed my heart because I know there is huge huge hunger out there for truth. Never forget this...Truth is a person!

Saturday, August 18, 2007

Denied Access

I didn't go fishing today even though I had friends who witnessed in Tralee, Dublin and elsewhere...Instead I visited some neighbours who were at the centre of the awful murder that happened on our doorstep 2 weeks ago when we were on holidays. Tragic is an understatement. My deep sympathies go to the family of the victim as well as the mother of the perp. Our community is in shock.

All of this focuses my find in a sharper way on the great commission. I was in Dublin airport last week leaving a friend off and as I was calmly strolling away through the crowded terminal there was a lady who was in utter panic looking for her "lost" boarding card as she retraced her steps through the crowds with husband in tow. God showed me that this panic will be typical on judgement day when people will shockingly realise that they have lost their last chance of salvation and that the religion they trusted in is inadequate to gain them access into the presence of God. There is no other name under heaven by which we can be saved but the name of JESUS. Whoever calls upon themane of the Lord shall be saved. While on holidays over the last 2 weeks we had the honour of lifting up His name and witnessing in both Dungarvan and Cork. When in Cork (outside McDonalds at the end of Patrick Street) we spotted the above sign and this then became the subject of some street preaching by my friend John. All the glory belongs to HIm!!

Will you join me in getting this mesage out to the people of Ireland and the multitude of internatonals whom God is sending to Ireland to hear the Gospel at this time? Let's not sleep during this harvest! Oh the way... the lady eventually found her boarding card (in her hand!). Ant

Thursday, July 26, 2007

To the Waters and the Wild!

Suresh came recently to Ireland from Mauritius. As a Hindu he had paid much money and prayed long prayers to countless "gods" to seek answers but when Jesus reached him it was quite supernatural and he surrendered to the King of Kings. God led him to Ireland, to Fás, to Jobcare, to John McKeever, to Trinity Church, to us, and today to the waters of Baptism where the old dead Suresh was cut off and was last seen floating somwhere between the Half Moon Swimming Club in Poolbeg and the Isle of Man!! To God be ALLLLL the Glory!

Saturday, July 21, 2007

Baptised in water

...And so today's fishing ended in the ocean near RIngsend where another saint got baptised in God be the glory!!

The "God Squad" on YouTube!

Not my best preaching but this was spotted on you tube. The Police van came that day because the Legion of Mary complained! Also in the video are Anjola, John, Maurice (with shirt!) and Frank. To God be the glory! look at "God Squad on YouTube" under "Links worth Checking out" on the right!

Friday, July 20, 2007

A Prophetic Act in Mullingar!

After I finished my work in Mullingar I want back to my car and asked God for a fresh infilling of HIs Holy Spirit. I had a leading to lift up the "Jesus" sticker but boy did I need the courage. Then God showed me 2 trees in front of me and let me know that it was the magnificaent creator of all thingas that I I didn't feel so small. He also let me know that noboody else was going to lift up his name in this town today. So I went to the busiest junction(outside McDonalds) and with much trembling lifted up the newly laminated sign. The signpost to heaven. IMMEDIATELY I felt a huge wave of joy and encouragement. I eyeballed the drivers in the traffic jam and the people on the pavements. Spiritual war broke out and I was on the winning side. From a great distance people stopped and looked, some mystified, some smiling, some hiding their faces (see Isiaah 52 for that!) A group of teens asked me what it was about and heard why Jesus went to the cross for them! It was only an hour of fishing, some nibbles but none landed, yet God alone knows the effect of this silent proclamation in a sleepy midland town. TO lift up the name above all names over the towns of Ireland is a prophetic act! Even the Irish constitution recognises HIm as the supreme authority...What about you?

Saturday, July 14, 2007

Miracles are the dinner bell of salvation!

"Can I stand with you?" asked Paul. When we replied in the affermative he then took his position behind the John 3:7 sign at 1.30am this July night. What is remarkable is the fact that Deborah who was on her first night out with us had prayed with him only minutes earlier and he had humbled himself before the Lord and received the new birth. The fact that he immediately wanted to identify with the people of God was remarkable, yet should we be surprised? Others receive prayer for salvation and yet the true results are with the Lord. Greg and Tony joined us from Trinity and I was quite bowled over by the Holy Spirit wisdom Greg had in graciously explaining to an enquirer why the unredeemed can't make it to heaven !

On Saturday afternoon we again had a huge number of encounters (remember people approach us and ask, not the other way around!). When talking to 3 girls one made the fatal mistake of asking if I had a Strepsil....when Jesus healed her sore throat she went wide eyed, stared at her 2 friends and declared with a wide smile on her face and a laugh "..Freaky..." . Miracles are the dinner bell of salvation! We were briefly joined by Fergus Ryan who encouraged us (yep. we always need that!). Huddled together under a flowery lamppole in the midst of a heavy shower on Grafton Street the corridors of heaven were cried out to in supplication for the pre-believers. To God be all the glory!! As I write this my good wife and a lady evangelist are up fishing amongst the departing Rod Steward fans at the RDS. He who gathers crops in summer is a wise son, but he who sleeps during harvest is a disgraceful son (Proverbs 10:5). Rejoice Always. Ant

Sunday, July 08, 2007

Bums off not on seats!

Grafton Street 11pm Friday and 3pm Saturday and Temple Bar Square 10pm Saturday were our fishing grounds and times this weekend and the Lord was continually with us. He was with me as I grabbed Wes' hand and let him call on the only name by which we are saved. He was there when Wes was then miraculously and instantly healed of a groin injury (see Mark 16:18, Hebrews 13:8). He was there when a demonized drunken pre-believer tried to punch and headbutt me. He was there when saints gathered from Killarney Dublin Liverpool and Africa and together held up "Jesus". He was there when the enquiring Dutchman ignored the mocking of his friends and asked my wife about the way to Heaven. The meat is on the street and we are living in one of the most magnetic cities in the free world!

We can be too concerned about getting bums on seats when God's plan is to get them off! Step by step the church is waking the fact that Jesus wishes none to perish but all to come to repentance. Thanks for all who prayed. We ground troops appreciate air cover more than you can ever imagine!! Now you dear reader are you a good or bad person. If good click on the tab on the right called "Good anough for heaven?" and have a wonderful week.Ant

Saturday, June 30, 2007

Heavy stuff eh? You bet!

John, my friend from Limerick rang this morning and said that following the mowing of an injured Methodist minister's vast lawn he was so wrecked, still in bed, (God's undercover agent) and wouldn't make it to Dublin today to join us in witnessing and preaching on the street, instead he thought he'd go fishing (for souls) on Cruise's Street Limerick. So off I went this afternoon on my own but that didn't last for long as God brought a free P bro to join me momentarily and then I met up with my friend and brother Maurice from Dundalk (remember the shirt!). The streets were packed and numerous witnessing encounters ensued including a time of preaching at Temple Bar Square. God gave me a clear word to preach as follows: We have taken the matchless name of Jesus, the only name by which we are saved and the name of the precious son of God and we have dragged it down to the same level as the word for human excrement, a fourletter "s" word used as a curse! How can we be such idiots to expect this blasphemy to go unnoticed on judgement day. Heavy stuff eh? You bet, but how would you respect a surgeon who knew that you had a fatal disease and failed to mention it for fear of "frightening" you or "offending" you. I publicly declared that I deserved Hell and separation from Holy Creator God but I was forgiven because of the shedding of His Son's pure and sinless blood at calvary. After preaching Maurice shut his eyes and prayed out a public prayer that penetrated the throne room of the Living God...all the way from hedonistic stag and hen party filled Temple Bar...What a moment! A hardened African Muslim, soft spoken but unwavering in his rejection of the new testament engaged us. We showed him old testament scriptures testifying of Jesus (Isaiah 9 and 53) and even though he was willing to receive prayer in Jesus' name for his neck, which our gracious Lord healed, he stubbornly persisted in his rejections. Heartbreaking. Many other encounters today though and last night have encouraged me. Ant
So shall My word be that goes forth out of My mouth: it shall not return to Me void [without producing any effect, useless], but it shall accomplish that which I please and purpose, and it shall prosper in the thing for which I sent it.Isaiah 55:11 (Amplified Bible)

Friday, June 29, 2007

We NEVER outgrow the Gospel

Just back from Scotland where we had a family holiday for a week. the country is awesome. Beautiful scenery, all shouting out God's praise and wonder! ...and those hairy highland cattle are gorgeous, just giant pets. they have 2 coats, one to keep them warm and one to keep them dry. The Darwinians no doubt are baffled as to which one they got first! On returning to Ireland I was very aware of the sense that we are in a revival and there is an open heaven over this country. That does not mean that multitudes are entering the kingdom, though some are, but it means that years of targeted intercessary prayer for this nation are bearing fruit in that there is a shaking in the spiritual realm and many ancient principalities are being torn down.

Tonight we are returning to Grafton Street evangelism and I just heard yesterday that another senior pastor in the greater Dublin area has joined us in witnessing for the King. I believe God is calling the leaders out to "do the works they did at first" (Rev:2:4-5). We never never never never outgrow the Gospel. NEVER

The photo is of a hotel we stayed in at Tarbert in Argyll, Scotland. Be blessed by our wonderful Lord and Saviour! Ant

Monday, June 11, 2007

Evangelism is not eternal but the reward are

What a joy it is to be led by the Holy Spirit. On Saturday as I went solo on the outreach, not solo really when God is with you! I was approached by Anna Lina, a German Girl who a number of months previously declared that she would follow Jesus, after she heard the Gospel from us. She asked me if I remembered her and she then told me that she has been talking to Jesus ever since and that she bought a story book on Jesus for her 3 year old son! God is clearly working in her life. I asked her if she was reading her BIble and she bowed her head a bit and said not much. I said that God gave her 66 wonderful love letters and she should at least read them and not leave them sealed up! I also told her that she would find them powerful and life giving. It made me think of the importance of encouraging new believers to look at His word. On Friday night we were literally swamped with enquirers around 2.30am. The harvest is huge!! Remember that Evangelism is not eternal but the reward are!!

Monday, June 04, 2007

40,000 women see "Jesus"!

40,000 women (and a few men in drag!) saw the name of Jesus at the 1 mile mark of today's womens mini marathon. Some cherred, some called out his name, some smiled, some were puzzled, some mad, some mystified, some mocked, but few were unaffected...all in the space of 40 minutes! I have no idea how God has or will use this witness but I know He called me to lift high HIs name today and it was a privilege. I pray it encouraged the saints and convicted the sinners. Ant.

Saturday, June 02, 2007

Wonderful fish tank for fishing!

The matchless name of Jesus! No other name under heaven by which we can be saved and reconciled to God. We sensed that God wanted us to leave Grafton Street this Saturday afternoon and go elsewhere. So we ended up on Henry Street, wonderful fish tank for fishing! The name was lifted, the word preached and worship lifted to the King of Kings! Anjola preached and the impact was significant. We were joined by Norman from the North of Ireland who, though confined to a wheelchair with MS, was proud and delighted to hold aloft the precious name. We were greeted on Henry Street by a brother in the Lord who had an eastern european friend with him. I had a private chat for about 10 minutes with this man and he heard the gospel clearly and expressed a desire to know God more fully. I told him about repentance and faith in the One who took ALL his sins and he promised to consider it. What I only found out later was that his believing friend had cried out to God that morning that somehow he (the european friend) would hear the gospel that day!! What a mighty God we joyfully serve.

Last night on Grafton street some people prayed to receive Jesus. Much seed was sown. Only eternity will reveal the true and lasting impact of what went on. If you are reading this and you know Jesus personally...Pray that the Lord T H R U S T S labourers into the Harvest! If you are a pre-believer and don't know Jesus yet then go to the VIdeo Vault on the Right hand side and listen to "Ant in Liverpool" where I preach my socks off!! Then post a comment or e-mail me with your reaction.

Sunday, May 27, 2007

66 unopened love letters

The greatest injustice in all history was the death of the innocent Son of God at Calvary. It was a great obscenity yet it satisfied the justice of Holy Creator God in a way so clever that even the devil didn't see it coming! What a Gospel we have! No need for gimmicks and free lunches to "sell" it. It is the most powerful message imaginable and it was again offered to the people of Grafton Street this afternoon by way of public preaching! After I preached for about ten minutes to a moderate crowd I thanked the people for listening and jumped off my pulpit (plastic 2 step stool from Woodies!) to be greeted with an enthusiastic handshake from a chap who a few weeks prior had prayed a prayer of salvation outside the central bank. I asked him was he reading his BIble to which he said "no". I asked him how he would feel if his girlfiend returned 66 unopened love letters he'd sent .... he got the point!

Earlier I was talking to 2 young chaps who were real messers and their attitude changed in a dramatic way when the Lord first healed one chap of a sore knee (he asked for prayer after I told him that Jesus was the same today as he always was and will be) and the second of a head cold. Although they were not converted I have no doubt that they experienced a demonstartion of the Spirit's power and so had more than a wise argument to contend with! He wishes none to perish but all to come to repentance!! Believe it. I was greatly blessed to see while preaching a certain cross dressing gent who has been a client of the Mustard Seed Team (Trinity Church's homeless outreach). He stopped and listened to the clear Gospel presentation. Hallelujah.

The photo shows a Brazilian believer holding up the name of Jesus with us. Often when we evangelise we are joined by other believers and this chap, like others, was trulty blessed and encouraged. Ant

Sunday, May 20, 2007

UK Report: Her darting eyes saw "Jesus"

Hi There! I am just back from a 2 day trip to UK with my good evangelist friend Oliver. We arrived in Liverpool very early on Friday morning and with the aid of our wee PA preached the cross and the message of salvation to hundreds of unsuspecting commuters coming off buses at Queens Square Centre. GO TO THE VIDEO VAULT TO SEE VIDEOS OF THIS PREACHING. One beaming black brother joined us briefly and encouraged us greatly! The call is to preach and the results??...That's God's business and He promised that His word would not return void (Great motivation to preach...THE WORD!! and not fancy religous ideas!). We were equipped with our permits (small laminated cards containing articles 18, 19, 20 and 30 of the "Universal Declaration of Human Rights / Geneva Convention") in case the Police tried to stop us. I think they backed off in Liverpool however when they saw the video camera I had!

When leaving Liverpool a while later we both felt that it was right to take a small detour to Manchester which we did. Outside the Arndale Centre we set up stall and first Oliver preached on the matchless name of Jesus while I held the "Jesus" sign aloft prayed and handed out some tracts. A few believers went by and encouraged us, one of whom was a traveller from Carlow who loved Jesus. I told him that the book of Acts was full of "Travellers"! Some discussions ensued with enquirers but it was only the next afternoon in Leicester City outside McDonalds that most interaction happened. On either side of the road at a busy intersection of pedestrian streets we both sat on bins 5 feet high and held "Jesus" aloft. Lots asked us either "Who is Jesus?" or "Why are you holding that up?". I was amazed how the Holy Spirit gave me a different answer for each person. That was very exciting. I also asked them in return "Why did Jesus die on the cross and not just forgive us without the cross?" Nobody could answer that and so I had ample opportunity to let them hear the good news for the first time. Wonderful but shocking too!

Later on, when I got off my perch and crossed the road to assist Oliver who at this time was being questioned by about 10 muslim males, at least 2 of which were somewhat agressive (vocally), I got stuck in and asked one chap in particular who was more genuine in his questions "Do you believe God is Holy?", "Of course" he replied. "Are you Holy?" I asked to which he replied "NO". "That's the problem I said and praying 3 times a day will not make you perfectly Holy for God...That's why Jesus came for you". Minutes later another muslim asked me 3 times to pray for his father who had a bad back. "I will only pray in the name of you stil want prayer?" "O yes please" he replied after which I grabbed his hand, called out to Jesus to heal his father (by name). I then looked at my watch and boldly said. "Look it's 20 to 5 now. Ask your father what time he got healed when you get home". Hallelujah I believe God worked a miracle even though I saw no evidence myself. We will have plenty of time in heaven to review all such prayer and outreach but for now we must be obedient to the call.

I missed my dear wife and fellow worker on the trip but she was out on Grafton Street late on Friday ploughing the corner of the field God called her to at the same time I was in UK. It was the highest privalege to hold up the name of the King of Kings in a foreign land...and something tells me that I'll be doing it again sometime!!

One moment that blessed me mightily was the sight of a muslim girl covered completely in black but for the one slit where her darting eyes could be seen. Her eyes fixed onto the name of "Jesus" and I called to her saying "He loves you". I then saw the shape of the black fabric change below her eyes which indicated that this wonderful name brought a smile to this oppressed young lady!
The photo is of Oliver talking to Barbara (a pre-believer from Poland) in Liverpool. She was a bit of a tough nut but boy did she have the gospel explained clearly to her.

Saturday, May 12, 2007

Post a comment to this one!!

After preaching about the wonderful cross where our punishment was taken for us I stepped off my wee steps and was greeted by one or two lads who ushered a third teenager to me saying that he wanted prayer. Thinking they were messing I was slow to take them at their word but as I spoke to the chap called Craig I soon realised that he was deeply affected by both the word of God and by the fact that only 2 weeks previous he nearly died but was saved by his mother. I asked him if he harmed himself to which he said he didn't but that he didn't want to elaborate on the details. Never have I met a guy so ready to receive the free gift of God's grace. I said he'd have to overcome his pride and not care what his mates thought, and there were about 4 of them in close proximity who were getting increasingly agitated and distracting. He said he didn't care and by his demeaner I believed him. I took his hand and led him in a prayer of repentance and faith. It was wonderful.
What next you ask? I gave him a tract, after giving him a Bible and explaining how trustworthy God's word is, and pointed out my name and mobile number at the end of the tract. I said I wouldn't text him or contact him until he contacted me. I left him at that. Why didn't you get his number for follow up? Because I believe that true converts follow us up. Last night when on outreach at 12.30am Joao from Brazil came up smiling to me, for the second week running. I first met him 3 weeks ago just after Cece (from Metropolitan Church) prayed with him to recive Jesus. There may be principles but THERE ARE NO RULES and our calling is to be led by the Holy Spirit. I'm not an expert in these matters and I am being taught of the Lord on an ongoing basis but I do honestly believe that much traditional evangelical "Follow up" methods are non-biblical and ultimately counter productive. Come on guys and girls now is the time to post a comment!
I spoke on Friday to my good friend Ray Shiels, pastor of Every Nation Church and he said that his church has been transformed of late by 2 things, one is the gathering of citywide pastors for prayer for the city and the second was the "John 3:7" nighttime outeach. Both of these he stressed were kingdom projects seeking the welfare of the city and not his church! I know that as we seek first THE KINGDOM all these things will be added. Sowing and reaping they call it.
If you are a intercessor don't think that we are always "fired up" and have no needs. All evangelists will agree that we are in desperate and constant need of E N C O U R A G E M E N T and the fresh I N F I L L I N G of the Holy Spirit. We are so grateful for those in Trinity Church and elsewhere who pray for us. THANK YOU! Pray for Craig (mentioned above) and do ask the Lord if he is sending you out to join us. I'm encouraged but today we had just 3 on Grafton Street witnessing...

Sunday, May 06, 2007

I deserve to go to hell!

"But we're Catholic" the two chaps said to me as I offered them a gospel tract on Grafton Street on Saturday afternoon. Without delay or even thinking I said to them "What's that?" Then they stopped in their tracks and struggled to find an explanation for their beliefs. They explained briefly that they were following the teachings of "the church". "Are you Born again?" I asked. "No" they both said. "But Jesus said you must be Born again...", "Ah but we were born again at our baptism..." one of them replied. "It didn't work , did it? I mean we still have a heart that belches out sin in thought word and deed after baby baptism". The main talker replied "Oh yes but we go to confession..". "If you told the priest all your sins at confession you'd keep the poor man half his life, but you just tell him a selected few off the top. Confession of sin is biblical but it is for believers after they have entered into God's kingdon through a genuine repentance and trust in Jesus at the cross" I replied. The 2 chaps said earlier in the conversation that they were seminarians but I was left grieved in my heart at the thought that the traditions of man had nullified the word in God in their lives.

Was I any different? Absolutely not. They said nothing that I didn't myself believe in the past until the day I let go of my pride and stuborness and sin and asked Jesus to forgive me for living for myself. Only then did God intervene and come into my life, that was on Ash Wednesday in 1985 at Belfield Church. I am certain that in myself there is no good thing and that I DESERVE TO GO TO HELL becuase I offended a Holy God, I slapped my creator in the face and poked my arrogent fingers of sin in his loving eyes. I trampled underfoot the precious spotless blood of Jesus. I joined the mocking crowd in spirit calling for the death of Jesus. Even his name was offensive to me...but now, by His miraculous and wonderful grace I loooove the name and I proudly lift it up on Saturday afternoons for all to see (again by His grace). If you are reading this and have not yet turned to Him in repentance (180 degree turn) and faith than go to the sidebar of this blog and click on "Good enough for heaven?" for your wee test. Following this shut the door, fall on your knees, and call on the name of "Jesus". You can e-mail me then if you wish . Click on "View my complete profile" to get to the e-mail. Respond to the voice of God, not that of the enemy!

Oh yes, the photo!! That's Maurice who joined us on Saturday afternoon wearing the shirt I told you about. When you think of the utter nonsence of most logos on clothing today it nice to see a shirt that has an eternal message...even if the colours clash a bit! Maurice was in his mid 50's and had wasted his life,wife and family in gambling before he met the One who paid everthing so we could have a free gift of salvation.

Sunday, April 29, 2007

Last Call in Killarney!

We have just returned from our first "mission trip" outside of the pale! We went to Killarney to meet our good evangelist friend Oliver and his friend Kenny who is home from the Phillipines for a short while. The fellowship hugely blessed us and then on Saturday afternoon we went onto the main street in Killarney to lift up the name of Jesus in the forms of worship, praise, sign and preaching. What a privalige it is to proclaim the gospel and yet what a serious work it is too! I believe that the Lord showed me that one person who clearly heard the message was hearing the call for salvation FOR THE LAST TIME. This I also proclaimed.

My wife's sister who is born again had recently been deeply burdened for the salvation of her cousin who resides in Italy and had only a few days ago sent her a text relating to this matter. As my wife finished preaching a heartfelt message in Killarney she was approached by her aunt and this same cousin (whom she hadn't seen in years and was over from Italy for the weekend and had travelled a further 30 miles or so to be in Killarney at the exact right time!). It struck me how amazing God's timing is but that we should not be surprised when such things happen as He is the one who created and ordered the entire universe! To Him belongs ALL the glory.

I was also greatly blessed to hear of other weekend outreaches in Dublin and Limerick. Pray for Tuesday evening Roscrea outreach which for the local believers is a new departure! God bless them! The picture is of me (taken by Noah!) and no...I don't believe that all routes lead to Jesus!! Ant

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Less Jaw ... More Awe

How did Peter have faith to raise Tabitha from the dead in Acts 9? Yes he was called for by the disciples but dont forget that in Mark 5 Peter saw Jesus raise Jairus' daughter to life! If you see somebody operate in spiritual gifts of healings or raising from the dead I think you'd find it easier to step out yourself and pray. I haven't yet seen the dead raised but over 20 years ago on the street i saw Kyle Holland pray for the sick and them miraculously recover. That's why I find it easy to pray for the sick and love to encourage others to do the same. When the pre-believers get healed, as has happened in recent weeks on Grafton Street their attitude to the Word of God and the messae of the cross changes instantly. Acts 2:43 "EVERYONE WAS FILLED WITH AWE". Less Jaw more Awe I pray for!!

We are off to Killarney(see photo) via Limerick this weekend (Fri and Sat) for evangelism. God is leading us to take a day off work and beat a trail southwards to meet up with our friend John (Limerick) and Oliver and Kenny (Killarney), evangelists one and all. Last night at the Trinity Network Prayer meeting we received prayer, encouragement, prophesy and anointing and are mightily blessed of the Lord! Thanks to ALL for the encouragement! DOn't forget that the Friday night Grafton Street "John 3:7" outreach is carrying on in our absence..they meet from 11pm to 2am near the top of Grafton Street. Join them and be blessed and be a blessing. Ask for Shane, he's the main man.

Sunday, April 22, 2007

Jesus had the power to save himself from the cross!

Last night we were on the street with the John 3:7 team between 11 and 2.30am and again saw people repent and receive Jesus as their Lord and Saviour. We have been entrusted with a message of GOOD NEWS which has POWER to SAVE. If people are breathing then that is evidence that God is merciful towards them and wishes them not to perish but come to repentance. This afternoon we were on Grafton Street and then in Temple Bar Square witnessing, holding up the JESUS stickers and preaching. We were again honoured to be joined by Maurice the evangelist from Dundalk (I promise I'll try and get a photo of his scriptural shirt for the next blog entry, it's worth seeing!) and Frank. We later met up with Keith and Robert from St Mark's who were a real blessing.
I preached a few times and the word the Lord gave me was Isaiah 53 and the message that "Jesus had the power to save himself from the cross...Why didn't he save himself? Why did he choose to die for us?..why did he not come to earth, give good teachings, examples and miracles and go back to heaven telling us we can come later. He didn't do this because the justice of God would not allow a single sinner in heaven!...".
The photo is of Temple Bar Square on a sunny day, like today!

Saturday, April 07, 2007

Lost in humble prayer to the forgiving King...

"Well C. would you like to pray at home or now to ask God's forgiveness?". "I'd like to pray now" said he. So the three of us knelt on the granite cobbles outside the central bank on a crowded Saturday afternoon (today) in full view of all the passers by but lost in humble prayer to the forgiving King who offers new life. "Jesus is my Lord " C. then proclaimed and with a smile and huge relief he rose and shook our hands. God wishes for none to perish but all to come to repentance. Others in the afternoon today heard the truth and responded in different ways. It's been a good week for evangelism with 8 from our Blackrock home group going out on Thursday in Blackrock to share the gospel. Although the numbers out shopping on Holy Thursday night were limited there were some who heard the truth and were blessed by a combination of tracts, gospels and easter eggs. The "Why? hot air baloons from Thursday were brought in to Temple Bar today but eventually given away to the teens who begged to have them.

Pray for L. who claimed to be an athiest but was deeply touched when some personal matters were ministered to. Pray also for J. who is deeply curious and hungry yet has adopted a lifestyle in defiance to the way God made him. When he asked me a direct question on this matter I said that God himself will answer that as soon as he humbles himself and enters the kingdom through the new birth. The photo shows some of the team sharing Jesus with a chap. The building behind them was turned around when the central bank was constructed, let this be prophetic of the many who will "repent" and turn their lives around to the One who died for their sins. AB

Saturday, March 31, 2007

"You are riddled with sin but He loves you and wants to set you free"

"Your entire life is an offense against God. You are riddled with sin but He loves you and wants to set you free" I said "will you kneel down with me on the street now and ask Jesus to forgive you?" I said and Tom replied "I will". Heaven met earth today at 6pm on Grafton street as the bemused masses passed by no doubt wondering what these 4 people were doing on their
knees with heads bowed in prayer. The creator of the universe was meeting them and they didn't care what anyone thought. Humility opened the door for God's grace and presence. it was a sweet moment and one of eternal significance for both Tom and those who are yet to encounter God through whatever ministry He has for him.

Before this encounter the word was publicly proclaimed preached and sung. Boy does the enemy hate God's praises being sung (check out Psalm 149 to find out why!). Myself and the 3 other team members prayed together on the street before it was proclaimed that there is no other saviour, no other gospel, no other God who offers forgiveness only Jesus. It pleased the Father to crush the Son for our redemption. How can we neglect such a great salvation.

The photo at the top is of John preaching 2 weeks ago on Patrick's day and stopping to answer an enquirer. Oliver told John later that when preaching it's best to not stop for individuals. Although we can't make rules but have to be led by the Holy Spirit in all we do we ned to be mindful that the enemy can send people to have the preaching stopped....christians and unbelivers alike!

Thursday, March 15, 2007


Guilty...We are all Guilty before Holy God, who keeps up alive during the night only for us to wake up and seek out more ways of sinning and offending HIm. Why does He allow it then? Because He wishes none to perish but all to come to repentance. If you think this message is not for you then that is evidence that Jesus did not come for you. Huh? Yep. He said He did not come for the righteous but for the lost. "The healthy have no need for a doctor" Jesus said. More to the point: those who think they are healthy don't see any need a medic. We're all guilty, not in the eyes of our equally guilty friends but in the eyes of our perfect creator God. I know Cheltenham Racing festival is on and a lot of gambling is happening but dont gamble with eternity, repent today and receive God's forgiveness and new life. Yes we're all guilty so make sure that your judgement is on Jesus and not yourself!

It's St Patrick's weekend and God is gathering his troops for a lot of street outreach on Friday and Saturday. Believers: pray that Patick's Gospel is proclaimed this weekend with power.

Saturday, March 03, 2007

"So are you going to arrest me?"

Thus said the Garda to me on Grafton Street this afternoon. He had come in response to "numerous complaints" and as a follow up to our first caution. He had just cursed by using the Lord's name in vain and I immediately told him it was blasphemy. Oliver my Evangelist friend, who himself was a former Garda, stood silently by but couldn't help but smile to see the law man meet a higher authority. It was just another one of those brief Holy Spirit moments when we realized God was with us and protecting us. Oliver , myself and L. as well as Maurice, a believer from Dundalk who faithfully comes down to Grafton Street on Saturdays to spread the word, had all been preaching at different times over the previous hour or two and many had watched and listened to the eternal Word of God about our sin and idolatry and God's solution in the death and resurrection of Jesus at Calvary. God's word will not return void. Other believers came at different times to encourage and help us but if another 10 or 12 came there would have been much work for them.

Last night between 11 and 2 about 14 believers shared the word and again there were very significant discussions of eternal value. Check out the video vault for some excerpts of video testimonies by the believers. We were particularly blessed by the addition of about 4 new evangelists who came from the Harp and Bowl meeting. I trust that God used them mightily for HIs glory.

"I am sending you to them to open their eyes and turn them from darkness to light, and from the power of Satan to God, so that they may receive forgiveness of sins and a place among those who are sanctified by faith in me." (Acts 26:17-18)

Dave Davidson said "If you found a cure for cancer, wouldn't it be inconceivable to hide it from the rest of mankind? How much more inconceivable to keep silent the cure from the eternal wages of death." for thought. Cheers. Ant

Saturday, February 24, 2007

She chose Jesus

Pray for Annalina from Germany. She was on Grafton Street this afternoon and stopped and stared as we held up the "Jesus" stickers. When we asked her if she knew Jesus a conversation began and soon she understood that she had offended God and wanted to say sorry to Him. Out of the blue an emissary of Satan arrived and butted right into the conversation uninvited. He insisted that she should trust Mary the mother of Jesus and not Jesus alone. I said to the man it is recorded in the Bible that Mary confessed to being a sinner, when he asked about this I pulled out my pocket BIble and together we read (Luke 1). This made the man very annoyed but when we all turned back to Annalina and asked her if she wanted to thrust in Jesus alone or in Mary and Jesus she said "Jesus". She left us soon after this but with the promise to close the door of her room and pray to Jesus directly asking his forgiveness.

God was clearly reaching her and the devil knew it but as has happened so many times in the past...he failed. Hallelujah. We were honoured today to be joined by John "the bull" from Limerick who spoke of the B.I.B.L.E. Basic Instructions before leaving earth to the people and to us about F.E.A.R. Fake Evidence Appearing Real.

And the photo above? The blind, white, crablike creature dubbed the "yeti crab" was just one of many new sea creatures discovered this year by the international Census of Marine Life ocean survey. The census is now in its sixth year and seeks to record all life, living and extinct, in the oceans by 2010. Never before has this perfectly adapted and designed beautiful creature been seen. Give thanks and praise to the Creator.

Saturday, February 17, 2007

Healed of influenza

As myself and Oliver Hurley were sharing Jesus with some young people today on Grafton Street the Lord put it on my heart to declare that Jesus was here and that he would heal them if they had any ailments. They all looked at a girl at the end of the line who had been suffering badly from flu. I asked her if she would like Jesus to heal her (I never presume they want healing). She asked for it. After a brief prayer (check out Mark 16!) she went wide eyed and stared and laughed at her friends and said she felt better. A wonderful peace descended on the group of four and very precious seed was planted while they stood in awe of a miracle in Jesus' name. Miracles are the dinner bell of salvation. This is just one of the many encounters we had today. The harvest is rich but...

Thursday, February 15, 2007

How bad is sin?

Look at the punishment given by the good judge for the crime. If we see in the paper that a man got a €5 fine for something we conclude that his misdemeaner is only trivial. If another got 5 life sentances we know it’s a terrible crime. The wages of sin is death and judgement in the eternal fires of hell. Think of it. "What is sin?" people ask. Sin is slapping the face of The Very One who is giving you your every breath. Think of it and go to the "Good enough for heaven?" at the sidebar on the right. Ant

Sunday, February 04, 2007

John returns to Croke Park

Saturday night saw the return of the "John 3:7" sign to Croke Park when Dublin Played Tyrone in the first floodlit game at the stadium. Well done to Pat McMullen and Shane O'Brien for having the vision to go up to the gate. They were greeted royally and ushered in without charge. Televison viewers on Setants sports (live) and RTE (delayed transmission on Sunday) would have seen them behind the goal at HIll 16. The sign had not been at Croke Park for more than a year. Members of the public had been on to the GAA asking where was the John 3:7 man was! Although the children of Israel were saved from death by looking at the brazen serpent (Numbers 21:8) and in the same way we are saved by believing on Jesus (John 3:15) people will not be saved by looking at the "John 3:7" sign but as has been proven by the street outreach it has lead to many asking how they can be born again. The night before the match 6 such people received this new birth and countless others heard the truth of the word of God from the 12 evangelists who braved the cold. If you are reading this you are either a missionary or else a mission field. Either way come and visit us on a Friday night at the top of GraftonStreet between 11 and 2. God Bless.

Friday, January 26, 2007

Short and Scary!

How short is the time we have left? Who knows. Jesus said that only the Father knows and that His return will be like a thief in the night (when least expected). It could be this weekend, it could be ten years or more. All we can say for certain is that the time left is short. When we spend eternity in heaven our view of the small time we spent on earth, even if we live to be 100, will get smaller smaller and simply vanish away, yet the work we do here now for and with Jesus in evangelism is of endless significance. I was speaking to a pastor in town this week and he spoke of evangelism as “scary”. I agreed that it was indeed scary without the Holy Spirit but with Him by our side we have His love which drives out fear.

Saturday, January 20, 2007

“Hit me in the chest” he said

First of all, thanks to all who prayed for the Friday night outreach. We, and others, are eternally grateful for that!

I have lost count of the number of evangelistic encounteres we had over this weekend but some have stood out in my memory as wonderful exmples of the grace of God. On Friday night at about 12.30am 2 intoxicated chaps asked what the “John 3:7 “ signs were about. A Christ centred discussion ensued and during the discussion the lesser intoxicated chap said that he was in a bad car crash a week ago and was amazed that he only had a broken rib. When I told him that Jesus is risen, he is here and he can heal his rib if he would like the other guy pushed him on his sore ribs and said “Yeah, you need a miracle..” or something to that effect, to which the boken ribbed chap recoiled in pain asking him to not do that. When I again asked he said he would like prayer for healing.

I then asked the risen King of Kings to touch him, open his heart to the gospel and heal his ribs. Immediately he confessed to feeling better and when I asked him to test his ribs he turned to his friend, arched his shoulders back and asked the friend to hit him in the chest. The friend obliged with a good thump. The healed chap beamed from ear to ear with amazement and testified to me and his friend that he was completely better!

Immediately the pal who thumped him and had been more intoxicated and originally more vocal and joking about our outreach confessed that he had deep needs in his life, that he was adopted and had some heavy famility situations. He wanted prayer and I obliged, soon after that they disappeared down Grafton Street but I know that they experienced an unforgettable encounter wth the King which they will never forget, hopefully in heaven with thankfulness as belivers and not in hell with regret as unrepentant sinners.

I bet there was some intersesting chat in the night club that night!

Then today, Saturday, I was invited to join my good friend Oliver Hurley (check out my video interview with him in the video vault section of my blog) to hold up the “Jesus” stickers (Lift Jesus higher!) outside McDonalds on Saturday afternoon. This we did nd again had much witnessing oppertunity the most memorable of which was Seamus (about 18 and from Portlaoise) who was aBible reader but not born again. After hearing both the bad news and the good news we prayed not just to receive Jesusbut also the Baptism in the Holy Spirit. At the end of this prayer he began joyfully laughing and speaking a heavenly language given to him by the Holy Spirit. God is good and the harvest is rich and the number of labourers is increasing but boy is it still few. God Bless. Ant

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Want to learn how to share your faith?

Let Jesus teach you. How do I do that? Step out with a large John 3:7 sign with other believers and answer as the Spirit leads you when an unvbeliever approaches and asks: “What does this mean?”. Over the last 6 months as I have gone out on Friday nights at 11pm on Grafton Street I have learnt soooo much by simply doing. God is good. He has been with me, and the other believers of course, and has taught us directly how to witness. He sent them out in the gospels and in the Acts of the Apostles and he is still sending them out. If you want to come ring me on 087 9795454 or simply turn up at 11pm at the top of Grafton Street on Friday. Graduate from the university of Evangelism…on the street! God Bless. Anthony