Saturday, October 31, 2009


The three photos show Maurice preaching the eternal Gospel on a wet Grafton Street today. Many mocked, many ignored but, thank God, some listened. May God be merciful to these people and open their eyes to the indescribable danger and folly of sin and the astonishing mercy of God as shown by Jesus at Calvary. Before Maurice's preaching we were taking shelter under the canopy of McDonalds' as an almighty downpour came and cleared the street of people. many gathered in doorways to shelter and then a loud alarm was triggered and rang in all our ears for about 5 minutes. This was most uncomfortable for all but I knew God wanted me to preach the second the alarm stopped. when it did stop I, standing on my stool with "JESUS" held aloft spoke asking "How many Warnings must we receive before we listen to God".
I spoke of warnings of heavy weather, alarm bells and collapsed economy and yet we stubbornly ignore the voice of God to return to Him. I then spoke of the rejection of Jesus on the cross by the Holy Father because He was carrying the sin of all on Grafton Street. I am not ashamed of the GOspel nor the One I love yet so too are too many not ashamed of their sin which they daily parade...Oh God please send revival to Ireland, a new pentecost where people realize the error of their ways and the work of Calvary in bringing them into a relationship..AND NOT A RELIGION!

Sunday, October 25, 2009


Yesterday Myself, Jim and Leigh drove down to the city of Wexford where we were joined by some of the local saints and for about 2 and a half hours lifted high the Holy Name of Jesus to the Opera going public. 360 years ago, in 1649, at the bullring beside where we ministered there was a massacre by Cromwellian troops where blood flowed. We however spoke of different blood: the matchless innocent blood of Jesus in which mankind's only help of salvation rests... the blood without which there is no forgiveness. The Photo shows Jim holding his own private church service!