Tuesday, March 18, 2014


Patrick's Day in Dublin on Grafton Street is an Evangelist's dream. It is packed with people, all out for a good time and with plenty of time on their hands to ask questions about Jesus. I nearly went hoarse, and that was without any street preaching!  Many heard about God's love for them as shown by Jesus at calvary for the very first time. One group of people said that their mate was an atheist. I asked if I could shake his hand and they were quite surprised at this. I congratulated him on having more faith than me as he believed that all these people enjoying St Patrick's day are the result of a cosmic explosion in the past. I asked him if he thought we came from monkeys, to which he replied "of course" I then asked where the monkeys came from. "There was a big bang". "Oh I said they're was a bang and then monkeys arrived". "I didn't say that " he said. "Where then did the monkeys come from?" I asked. He then admitted that he wasn't sure and so we all witnessed the conversion of an atheist to an agnostic. It was all done with much humour but to get people to think I believe is a great first step.
Another lady asked me about Jesus and I asked her her name and when she said "Hannah" I asked if she knew what it meant and she said "no". After telling her it meant grace and that Hannah in the Bible cried out to God for a child (Samuel) who became a prophet, she was riveted. I then informed her about GRACE: God's Riches At Christ's Expense and you could have bowled her over with a feather.  There were many other encounters, one being with a buddhist girl.  I asked her what the source of her (reincarnation) information was and she had no answer.  In evangelism we are not trying to outsmart people at all but often many untruths have to unravelled to open the door for the light of the Gospel. The Photo shows Jim and Aengus busy holding church. Overall we found a great degree of openness in our many discussions and we trust that God will work on the many hearts for His glory.