Saturday, April 07, 2007

Lost in humble prayer to the forgiving King...

"Well C. would you like to pray at home or now to ask God's forgiveness?". "I'd like to pray now" said he. So the three of us knelt on the granite cobbles outside the central bank on a crowded Saturday afternoon (today) in full view of all the passers by but lost in humble prayer to the forgiving King who offers new life. "Jesus is my Lord " C. then proclaimed and with a smile and huge relief he rose and shook our hands. God wishes for none to perish but all to come to repentance. Others in the afternoon today heard the truth and responded in different ways. It's been a good week for evangelism with 8 from our Blackrock home group going out on Thursday in Blackrock to share the gospel. Although the numbers out shopping on Holy Thursday night were limited there were some who heard the truth and were blessed by a combination of tracts, gospels and easter eggs. The "Why? hot air baloons from Thursday were brought in to Temple Bar today but eventually given away to the teens who begged to have them.

Pray for L. who claimed to be an athiest but was deeply touched when some personal matters were ministered to. Pray also for J. who is deeply curious and hungry yet has adopted a lifestyle in defiance to the way God made him. When he asked me a direct question on this matter I said that God himself will answer that as soon as he humbles himself and enters the kingdom through the new birth. The photo shows some of the team sharing Jesus with a chap. The building behind them was turned around when the central bank was constructed, let this be prophetic of the many who will "repent" and turn their lives around to the One who died for their sins. AB

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