Saturday, February 24, 2007

She chose Jesus

Pray for Annalina from Germany. She was on Grafton Street this afternoon and stopped and stared as we held up the "Jesus" stickers. When we asked her if she knew Jesus a conversation began and soon she understood that she had offended God and wanted to say sorry to Him. Out of the blue an emissary of Satan arrived and butted right into the conversation uninvited. He insisted that she should trust Mary the mother of Jesus and not Jesus alone. I said to the man it is recorded in the Bible that Mary confessed to being a sinner, when he asked about this I pulled out my pocket BIble and together we read (Luke 1). This made the man very annoyed but when we all turned back to Annalina and asked her if she wanted to thrust in Jesus alone or in Mary and Jesus she said "Jesus". She left us soon after this but with the promise to close the door of her room and pray to Jesus directly asking his forgiveness.

God was clearly reaching her and the devil knew it but as has happened so many times in the past...he failed. Hallelujah. We were honoured today to be joined by John "the bull" from Limerick who spoke of the B.I.B.L.E. Basic Instructions before leaving earth to the people and to us about F.E.A.R. Fake Evidence Appearing Real.

And the photo above? The blind, white, crablike creature dubbed the "yeti crab" was just one of many new sea creatures discovered this year by the international Census of Marine Life ocean survey. The census is now in its sixth year and seeks to record all life, living and extinct, in the oceans by 2010. Never before has this perfectly adapted and designed beautiful creature been seen. Give thanks and praise to the Creator.

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