Saturday, June 02, 2007

Wonderful fish tank for fishing!

The matchless name of Jesus! No other name under heaven by which we can be saved and reconciled to God. We sensed that God wanted us to leave Grafton Street this Saturday afternoon and go elsewhere. So we ended up on Henry Street, wonderful fish tank for fishing! The name was lifted, the word preached and worship lifted to the King of Kings! Anjola preached and the impact was significant. We were joined by Norman from the North of Ireland who, though confined to a wheelchair with MS, was proud and delighted to hold aloft the precious name. We were greeted on Henry Street by a brother in the Lord who had an eastern european friend with him. I had a private chat for about 10 minutes with this man and he heard the gospel clearly and expressed a desire to know God more fully. I told him about repentance and faith in the One who took ALL his sins and he promised to consider it. What I only found out later was that his believing friend had cried out to God that morning that somehow he (the european friend) would hear the gospel that day!! What a mighty God we joyfully serve.

Last night on Grafton street some people prayed to receive Jesus. Much seed was sown. Only eternity will reveal the true and lasting impact of what went on. If you are reading this and you know Jesus personally...Pray that the Lord T H R U S T S labourers into the Harvest! If you are a pre-believer and don't know Jesus yet then go to the VIdeo Vault on the Right hand side and listen to "Ant in Liverpool" where I preach my socks off!! Then post a comment or e-mail me with your reaction.

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