Thursday, March 13, 2008

Why Genesis matters

I read today about a debate held years ago in a liberal Catholic school, presided over by a Benedictine monk about God's existence. It read " The evidence was decidedly in favour of the view that there was no God; the arguments went far beyond the obvious: If God was all powerful, he would not have stood by in the face of Auschwitz, Third World Hunger, Hiroshima..." I thought to myself how common this view was but also how Unbiblical and therefore unsound.

After God created He said it was Very Good. Did this involve the Lions savaging the young Roebuck or the horror of a diseased death to man or animal?..I think not. The world we see today is not the world God created but a corrupted version of it. Death is normal in an abnormal world. Yes the beauty does shine through in many ways but the contamination or corruption is the result of man's sin and the resulting entrance of death and decay of behaviour and environment. Many Christians are soft on Macro Evolution. They believe that God used evolving generations to get to Adam and Eve. If this was so then death and decay already existed when God warned man of death being the result of rebellion. It also means that GOD MADE DEATH in the same way he made life.

God is no liar and when he said in Genesis 2:1 "Thus the Heavens and the Earth were created" He meant it. He created the world perfect and he did it before he made the sun, moon and stars. He made the birds before the land animals, and the whole creation in 144 hours. True science supports this as does true application of His word. Denial of this leads to a view of God as the creator of evil who rightly deserves blame when things go wrong. The Gospel is "The innocent (Jesus) dying for the guilty (us)" . the incorrect modern view is that we are innocent and He is guilty....Wake up guys and smell the coffee!