Wednesday, June 01, 2016

Jesus and YouTube

Ifey Stanley, a humble servent of Jesus
Would Jesus use YouTube if it was around 2,000 years ago?  I don't know to be honest.  I see how he was moved with compassion and often told those healed to tell nobody,  which of course never happened,  while in other cases he was quite public with the demonstration of the Kingdom of God's presence through miracles.  He spoke privately to many while on other occasions he preached publicly on a hillside or by the shore from a boat, taking advantage of the natural acoustics.  I was with Ifey Stanley 2 weeks ago doing outreach in Temple Bar and he filmed a miracle of healing, as he often does, and like Torben Sondergaard of The Last Reformation his street videos give huge encouragement to other evangelists and believers, while others question this public demonstration of miracles.   I had the privilege to spend some fellowship time with Ifey and I have to say he is an extremely likeable and humble chap.  What he didn't record on the video was the chap praying to receive Jesus after his healing.

He correctly sees miracles of healing being of lesser importance than repentance and the new birth in Jesus but he understands that the miracles are what gets peoples attention.  I concur with this view as I myself have often seen God's power break through deep intellectual barriers.  Miracles are truly the "dinner bell" of salvation.

In themselves the videos may not convince the deepest sceptic but then again I don't believe that what thy were made for.  We live in an age when people can broadcast to the world from their smartphone and a world where people get their information largely from Facebook and the like. The temptation to be watchful for is that our motivation drifts from compassion for people in outreaching to simply trying to promote our own ministry, something I believe neither Ifey nor Torban are guilty of.  Would Jesus use YouTube?...I'll let you decide!

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