Saturday, April 29, 2006

Yes God heals Today!

Jesus Christ healed the sick virtually everywhere he went during his ministry years on earth. Of course there was his hometown where the unbelief of the people somehow managed to reduce (but not eliminate) the number of miracles He did.

Skip forward 2,000 years approx to Celtic Tiger Ireland and guess what - He's still at it through His people and by the power of the Holy Spirit. It was outrageous that He told His friend some day that it'd be better for him to depart so the Promise of the Father, namely the Holy Spirit could come...and come He did at Pentecost! Yes there are still those "home towns of unbelief" i.e. places where His people should know better, yet despite the limitations on miracles brought about by unbelief He can still operate although in a reduced capacity.

Take God at his word I say. Read Isaiah 53 and 1Peter 2:24, learn how He bore sickness as well as sin and how we can gain both benefits by belief. He loves you. Ant

Sunday, April 09, 2006

An Outragous thought!

"Be Holy for I am Holy" God said. Yet some find this impossible. Not so if we ask Him to help us. It's an absolute zoo out there in the fallen world. Drug and alcohol abuse are shocking as is the absolute futility of the lives of the vast majority. Is this what people were created for? Hardly. Let me propose the outragous thought that you and I were created for a relationship with our creator. We all dream of heaven yet we need transformation from above if we are to have a hope of getting there. That's the very thing Jesus promises to any who will sincerely call on Him. Try it!