Friday, June 29, 2007

We NEVER outgrow the Gospel

Just back from Scotland where we had a family holiday for a week. the country is awesome. Beautiful scenery, all shouting out God's praise and wonder! ...and those hairy highland cattle are gorgeous, just giant pets. they have 2 coats, one to keep them warm and one to keep them dry. The Darwinians no doubt are baffled as to which one they got first! On returning to Ireland I was very aware of the sense that we are in a revival and there is an open heaven over this country. That does not mean that multitudes are entering the kingdom, though some are, but it means that years of targeted intercessary prayer for this nation are bearing fruit in that there is a shaking in the spiritual realm and many ancient principalities are being torn down.

Tonight we are returning to Grafton Street evangelism and I just heard yesterday that another senior pastor in the greater Dublin area has joined us in witnessing for the King. I believe God is calling the leaders out to "do the works they did at first" (Rev:2:4-5). We never never never never outgrow the Gospel. NEVER

The photo is of a hotel we stayed in at Tarbert in Argyll, Scotland. Be blessed by our wonderful Lord and Saviour! Ant

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