Saturday, June 30, 2007

Heavy stuff eh? You bet!

John, my friend from Limerick rang this morning and said that following the mowing of an injured Methodist minister's vast lawn he was so wrecked, still in bed, (God's undercover agent) and wouldn't make it to Dublin today to join us in witnessing and preaching on the street, instead he thought he'd go fishing (for souls) on Cruise's Street Limerick. So off I went this afternoon on my own but that didn't last for long as God brought a free P bro to join me momentarily and then I met up with my friend and brother Maurice from Dundalk (remember the shirt!). The streets were packed and numerous witnessing encounters ensued including a time of preaching at Temple Bar Square. God gave me a clear word to preach as follows: We have taken the matchless name of Jesus, the only name by which we are saved and the name of the precious son of God and we have dragged it down to the same level as the word for human excrement, a fourletter "s" word used as a curse! How can we be such idiots to expect this blasphemy to go unnoticed on judgement day. Heavy stuff eh? You bet, but how would you respect a surgeon who knew that you had a fatal disease and failed to mention it for fear of "frightening" you or "offending" you. I publicly declared that I deserved Hell and separation from Holy Creator God but I was forgiven because of the shedding of His Son's pure and sinless blood at calvary. After preaching Maurice shut his eyes and prayed out a public prayer that penetrated the throne room of the Living God...all the way from hedonistic stag and hen party filled Temple Bar...What a moment! A hardened African Muslim, soft spoken but unwavering in his rejection of the new testament engaged us. We showed him old testament scriptures testifying of Jesus (Isaiah 9 and 53) and even though he was willing to receive prayer in Jesus' name for his neck, which our gracious Lord healed, he stubbornly persisted in his rejections. Heartbreaking. Many other encounters today though and last night have encouraged me. Ant
So shall My word be that goes forth out of My mouth: it shall not return to Me void [without producing any effect, useless], but it shall accomplish that which I please and purpose, and it shall prosper in the thing for which I sent it.Isaiah 55:11 (Amplified Bible)

Friday, June 29, 2007

We NEVER outgrow the Gospel

Just back from Scotland where we had a family holiday for a week. the country is awesome. Beautiful scenery, all shouting out God's praise and wonder! ...and those hairy highland cattle are gorgeous, just giant pets. they have 2 coats, one to keep them warm and one to keep them dry. The Darwinians no doubt are baffled as to which one they got first! On returning to Ireland I was very aware of the sense that we are in a revival and there is an open heaven over this country. That does not mean that multitudes are entering the kingdom, though some are, but it means that years of targeted intercessary prayer for this nation are bearing fruit in that there is a shaking in the spiritual realm and many ancient principalities are being torn down.

Tonight we are returning to Grafton Street evangelism and I just heard yesterday that another senior pastor in the greater Dublin area has joined us in witnessing for the King. I believe God is calling the leaders out to "do the works they did at first" (Rev:2:4-5). We never never never never outgrow the Gospel. NEVER

The photo is of a hotel we stayed in at Tarbert in Argyll, Scotland. Be blessed by our wonderful Lord and Saviour! Ant

Monday, June 11, 2007

Evangelism is not eternal but the reward are

What a joy it is to be led by the Holy Spirit. On Saturday as I went solo on the outreach, not solo really when God is with you! I was approached by Anna Lina, a German Girl who a number of months previously declared that she would follow Jesus, after she heard the Gospel from us. She asked me if I remembered her and she then told me that she has been talking to Jesus ever since and that she bought a story book on Jesus for her 3 year old son! God is clearly working in her life. I asked her if she was reading her BIble and she bowed her head a bit and said not much. I said that God gave her 66 wonderful love letters and she should at least read them and not leave them sealed up! I also told her that she would find them powerful and life giving. It made me think of the importance of encouraging new believers to look at His word. On Friday night we were literally swamped with enquirers around 2.30am. The harvest is huge!! Remember that Evangelism is not eternal but the reward are!!

Monday, June 04, 2007

40,000 women see "Jesus"!

40,000 women (and a few men in drag!) saw the name of Jesus at the 1 mile mark of today's womens mini marathon. Some cherred, some called out his name, some smiled, some were puzzled, some mad, some mystified, some mocked, but few were unaffected...all in the space of 40 minutes! I have no idea how God has or will use this witness but I know He called me to lift high HIs name today and it was a privilege. I pray it encouraged the saints and convicted the sinners. Ant.

Saturday, June 02, 2007

Wonderful fish tank for fishing!

The matchless name of Jesus! No other name under heaven by which we can be saved and reconciled to God. We sensed that God wanted us to leave Grafton Street this Saturday afternoon and go elsewhere. So we ended up on Henry Street, wonderful fish tank for fishing! The name was lifted, the word preached and worship lifted to the King of Kings! Anjola preached and the impact was significant. We were joined by Norman from the North of Ireland who, though confined to a wheelchair with MS, was proud and delighted to hold aloft the precious name. We were greeted on Henry Street by a brother in the Lord who had an eastern european friend with him. I had a private chat for about 10 minutes with this man and he heard the gospel clearly and expressed a desire to know God more fully. I told him about repentance and faith in the One who took ALL his sins and he promised to consider it. What I only found out later was that his believing friend had cried out to God that morning that somehow he (the european friend) would hear the gospel that day!! What a mighty God we joyfully serve.

Last night on Grafton street some people prayed to receive Jesus. Much seed was sown. Only eternity will reveal the true and lasting impact of what went on. If you are reading this and you know Jesus personally...Pray that the Lord T H R U S T S labourers into the Harvest! If you are a pre-believer and don't know Jesus yet then go to the VIdeo Vault on the Right hand side and listen to "Ant in Liverpool" where I preach my socks off!! Then post a comment or e-mail me with your reaction.