Saturday, April 18, 2015


Guilt is to sin what pain is to sickness. I once got a gum infection, which got serious because the chemist misread the dentist’s prescription and only gave me pain killers and not antibiotics! The pills removed the symptoms but did not solve the problem!

When we sin, we feel the pain of guilt. People try, and do many things to get rid of this pain (spend money, use drugs/alcohol, relationships, gossip etc) without success. The “painkillers” work for a short while but then the pain returns! To get rid of this “guilt pain” we must deal with the cause, sin. But how? You need to find someone who is not subject to sin to help and heal you. The Bible shows us that God loves us. It is His plan for us is to live guilt free and united with Him. To make a guilt free life possible Jesus, the sinless/innocent one, willingly took the cause of guilt (sin) upon Himself. He allowed himself to be crucified and killed even though He had the power to save Himself! He dealt with“the cause” and opened the door for us to live guilt free. Now God can offer us complete forgiveness and a guilt free life that does not compromise His Holy justice. Jesus heals us, He does not just numb the pain!

You can reject Jesus and live in deception or denial about your guilt …or you can ASK GOD TO APPLY WHAT JESUS DID ON THE CROSS TO YOUR LIFE AND GIVE YOU A GUILT FREE LIFE (forgiveness, a new start and a new heart!). This is called salvation, it is the first step into a guilt free life.