Monday, June 11, 2007

Evangelism is not eternal but the reward are

What a joy it is to be led by the Holy Spirit. On Saturday as I went solo on the outreach, not solo really when God is with you! I was approached by Anna Lina, a German Girl who a number of months previously declared that she would follow Jesus, after she heard the Gospel from us. She asked me if I remembered her and she then told me that she has been talking to Jesus ever since and that she bought a story book on Jesus for her 3 year old son! God is clearly working in her life. I asked her if she was reading her BIble and she bowed her head a bit and said not much. I said that God gave her 66 wonderful love letters and she should at least read them and not leave them sealed up! I also told her that she would find them powerful and life giving. It made me think of the importance of encouraging new believers to look at His word. On Friday night we were literally swamped with enquirers around 2.30am. The harvest is huge!! Remember that Evangelism is not eternal but the reward are!!

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