Sunday, May 20, 2007

UK Report: Her darting eyes saw "Jesus"

Hi There! I am just back from a 2 day trip to UK with my good evangelist friend Oliver. We arrived in Liverpool very early on Friday morning and with the aid of our wee PA preached the cross and the message of salvation to hundreds of unsuspecting commuters coming off buses at Queens Square Centre. GO TO THE VIDEO VAULT TO SEE VIDEOS OF THIS PREACHING. One beaming black brother joined us briefly and encouraged us greatly! The call is to preach and the results??...That's God's business and He promised that His word would not return void (Great motivation to preach...THE WORD!! and not fancy religous ideas!). We were equipped with our permits (small laminated cards containing articles 18, 19, 20 and 30 of the "Universal Declaration of Human Rights / Geneva Convention") in case the Police tried to stop us. I think they backed off in Liverpool however when they saw the video camera I had!

When leaving Liverpool a while later we both felt that it was right to take a small detour to Manchester which we did. Outside the Arndale Centre we set up stall and first Oliver preached on the matchless name of Jesus while I held the "Jesus" sign aloft prayed and handed out some tracts. A few believers went by and encouraged us, one of whom was a traveller from Carlow who loved Jesus. I told him that the book of Acts was full of "Travellers"! Some discussions ensued with enquirers but it was only the next afternoon in Leicester City outside McDonalds that most interaction happened. On either side of the road at a busy intersection of pedestrian streets we both sat on bins 5 feet high and held "Jesus" aloft. Lots asked us either "Who is Jesus?" or "Why are you holding that up?". I was amazed how the Holy Spirit gave me a different answer for each person. That was very exciting. I also asked them in return "Why did Jesus die on the cross and not just forgive us without the cross?" Nobody could answer that and so I had ample opportunity to let them hear the good news for the first time. Wonderful but shocking too!

Later on, when I got off my perch and crossed the road to assist Oliver who at this time was being questioned by about 10 muslim males, at least 2 of which were somewhat agressive (vocally), I got stuck in and asked one chap in particular who was more genuine in his questions "Do you believe God is Holy?", "Of course" he replied. "Are you Holy?" I asked to which he replied "NO". "That's the problem I said and praying 3 times a day will not make you perfectly Holy for God...That's why Jesus came for you". Minutes later another muslim asked me 3 times to pray for his father who had a bad back. "I will only pray in the name of you stil want prayer?" "O yes please" he replied after which I grabbed his hand, called out to Jesus to heal his father (by name). I then looked at my watch and boldly said. "Look it's 20 to 5 now. Ask your father what time he got healed when you get home". Hallelujah I believe God worked a miracle even though I saw no evidence myself. We will have plenty of time in heaven to review all such prayer and outreach but for now we must be obedient to the call.

I missed my dear wife and fellow worker on the trip but she was out on Grafton Street late on Friday ploughing the corner of the field God called her to at the same time I was in UK. It was the highest privalege to hold up the name of the King of Kings in a foreign land...and something tells me that I'll be doing it again sometime!!

One moment that blessed me mightily was the sight of a muslim girl covered completely in black but for the one slit where her darting eyes could be seen. Her eyes fixed onto the name of "Jesus" and I called to her saying "He loves you". I then saw the shape of the black fabric change below her eyes which indicated that this wonderful name brought a smile to this oppressed young lady!
The photo is of Oliver talking to Barbara (a pre-believer from Poland) in Liverpool. She was a bit of a tough nut but boy did she have the gospel explained clearly to her.

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Ray Shiels said...

Great job Anthony. Jesus is Lord! May the Lord fill your net to beyond capacity. Ray