Sunday, August 26, 2007

Truth is a person!

The matchless name of Jesus was proclaimed yesterday on Grafton Street Dublin over a 3 hour period and large numbers stood to hear the message at different stages when 4 different people preached from our portable 2 foot high pulpit. Virtually no religious leaders are telling them the truth, that is the message of Christ crucified. We have no idea about the results, that's God's business although our desire is for new births on the street. God cares about the multitudes who are lost and separated and blinded by the god of this world and that's the burden He's put on our hearts. It seems like we only get the script from the Lord at the end of the day after the outreach is over! Thankfully we can trust our God to fulfill his work as we become a tiny part of HIs plan for planet Earth. A lively public question and answer session at the end of the afternoon with about a dozen people asking us questions warmed my heart because I know there is huge huge hunger out there for truth. Never forget this...Truth is a person!

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