Sunday, February 04, 2007

John returns to Croke Park

Saturday night saw the return of the "John 3:7" sign to Croke Park when Dublin Played Tyrone in the first floodlit game at the stadium. Well done to Pat McMullen and Shane O'Brien for having the vision to go up to the gate. They were greeted royally and ushered in without charge. Televison viewers on Setants sports (live) and RTE (delayed transmission on Sunday) would have seen them behind the goal at HIll 16. The sign had not been at Croke Park for more than a year. Members of the public had been on to the GAA asking where was the John 3:7 man was! Although the children of Israel were saved from death by looking at the brazen serpent (Numbers 21:8) and in the same way we are saved by believing on Jesus (John 3:15) people will not be saved by looking at the "John 3:7" sign but as has been proven by the street outreach it has lead to many asking how they can be born again. The night before the match 6 such people received this new birth and countless others heard the truth of the word of God from the 12 evangelists who braved the cold. If you are reading this you are either a missionary or else a mission field. Either way come and visit us on a Friday night at the top of GraftonStreet between 11 and 2. God Bless.

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