Sunday, May 06, 2007

I deserve to go to hell!

"But we're Catholic" the two chaps said to me as I offered them a gospel tract on Grafton Street on Saturday afternoon. Without delay or even thinking I said to them "What's that?" Then they stopped in their tracks and struggled to find an explanation for their beliefs. They explained briefly that they were following the teachings of "the church". "Are you Born again?" I asked. "No" they both said. "But Jesus said you must be Born again...", "Ah but we were born again at our baptism..." one of them replied. "It didn't work , did it? I mean we still have a heart that belches out sin in thought word and deed after baby baptism". The main talker replied "Oh yes but we go to confession..". "If you told the priest all your sins at confession you'd keep the poor man half his life, but you just tell him a selected few off the top. Confession of sin is biblical but it is for believers after they have entered into God's kingdon through a genuine repentance and trust in Jesus at the cross" I replied. The 2 chaps said earlier in the conversation that they were seminarians but I was left grieved in my heart at the thought that the traditions of man had nullified the word in God in their lives.

Was I any different? Absolutely not. They said nothing that I didn't myself believe in the past until the day I let go of my pride and stuborness and sin and asked Jesus to forgive me for living for myself. Only then did God intervene and come into my life, that was on Ash Wednesday in 1985 at Belfield Church. I am certain that in myself there is no good thing and that I DESERVE TO GO TO HELL becuase I offended a Holy God, I slapped my creator in the face and poked my arrogent fingers of sin in his loving eyes. I trampled underfoot the precious spotless blood of Jesus. I joined the mocking crowd in spirit calling for the death of Jesus. Even his name was offensive to me...but now, by His miraculous and wonderful grace I loooove the name and I proudly lift it up on Saturday afternoons for all to see (again by His grace). If you are reading this and have not yet turned to Him in repentance (180 degree turn) and faith than go to the sidebar of this blog and click on "Good enough for heaven?" for your wee test. Following this shut the door, fall on your knees, and call on the name of "Jesus". You can e-mail me then if you wish . Click on "View my complete profile" to get to the e-mail. Respond to the voice of God, not that of the enemy!

Oh yes, the photo!! That's Maurice who joined us on Saturday afternoon wearing the shirt I told you about. When you think of the utter nonsence of most logos on clothing today it nice to see a shirt that has an eternal message...even if the colours clash a bit! Maurice was in his mid 50's and had wasted his life,wife and family in gambling before he met the One who paid everthing so we could have a free gift of salvation.

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