Tuesday, July 25, 2006

A fisherman doesn’t go fishing in his bathtub

A fisherman doesn’t go fishing in his bathtub. If he expects to catch fish, he casts in his net OUT WHERE THE FISH ARE, away from the house, out in the streams, lakes and waterways of the wilderness.
A farmer doesn’t harvest grain in his dining room. If he expects to reap the ripened grain, he must wield his sickle through the heat of the day, OUT WHERE THE GRAIN IS RIPE, away from the house, out in the broad fields where the grain stands ripe unto harvest.
A soulwinner doesn’t win souls only inside the church building. If he expects to reap the lost he must carry his witness OUT WHERE THE SINNERS ARE, away from the sanctuary, out in the markets, on the streets, in jails, hospitals, houses of prostitution, in the homes of sinners out among the people where the lost souls are. This is evangelism!

Extract from “Soulwinning – Out where he sinners are” by T.L. Osborn

Sunday, July 23, 2006

It failed and a child of God was born again.

Tom was on vacation in Dublin and at 1am last night as he strolled up Grafton street he asked me why I was holding a “John 3:7” sign and what did it mean. He was undeterred by another gent, highly intoxicated with spirit of many type bar the Holy One! After speaking briefly about the need to be born again I asked if he had friends who were belivers and he said he knew some. I then asked why he himself had not trusted Jesus. He couldn’t answer but now expressed a willingness to repent and ask Jesus into his life as Lord and Saviour. As the moment of prayer approached the intoxicated one was now so loud and blasphemous that he was “street preaching” his demonic terrade. The enemy was stirred and was fruitlessly but desperatly trying to distract from the sanctity of the moment when a sinner was humbled and ready to accept Jesus. It failed and a child of God was born again. All praise and thanks belongs to the King of Kings who utterly defeated every Demon at Calvery. Tom is now on a flight back to Florida, the new Tom I mean. Tom was one of 8 last night who invited Jesus in. We were privaliged to be joined by some new evangelists from Core and Every Nation Churches. This 11pm-2am Friday night Grafton Street outreach has changed me and is a move of God that is happening between churches. Ring Shane O’Brien 086 3032576 or myself Anthony Brabazon 087 9795454 for more details.

Friday, July 07, 2006

Why ain’t we in heaven yet?

God’s plan was for His people to go and not to wait. Yes they were told to wait until… until what? Until the promise from the Father would be sent to empower them to GO in His name and in His power. I do believe all Christian churches should create a welcoming atmosphere for pre-believers but I believe more that believers should Go and preach to all creation. Matthew recorded Jesus saying “Go and make disciples of all nation” but Mark recorded Him saying “Go into all the world and preach the gospel to the whole creation”. Believe me there is nothing more fulfilling as a believer than sharing your faith and seeing others accept Jesus into their hearts… It’s why we are still here!