Sunday, May 27, 2007

66 unopened love letters

The greatest injustice in all history was the death of the innocent Son of God at Calvary. It was a great obscenity yet it satisfied the justice of Holy Creator God in a way so clever that even the devil didn't see it coming! What a Gospel we have! No need for gimmicks and free lunches to "sell" it. It is the most powerful message imaginable and it was again offered to the people of Grafton Street this afternoon by way of public preaching! After I preached for about ten minutes to a moderate crowd I thanked the people for listening and jumped off my pulpit (plastic 2 step stool from Woodies!) to be greeted with an enthusiastic handshake from a chap who a few weeks prior had prayed a prayer of salvation outside the central bank. I asked him was he reading his BIble to which he said "no". I asked him how he would feel if his girlfiend returned 66 unopened love letters he'd sent .... he got the point!

Earlier I was talking to 2 young chaps who were real messers and their attitude changed in a dramatic way when the Lord first healed one chap of a sore knee (he asked for prayer after I told him that Jesus was the same today as he always was and will be) and the second of a head cold. Although they were not converted I have no doubt that they experienced a demonstartion of the Spirit's power and so had more than a wise argument to contend with! He wishes none to perish but all to come to repentance!! Believe it. I was greatly blessed to see while preaching a certain cross dressing gent who has been a client of the Mustard Seed Team (Trinity Church's homeless outreach). He stopped and listened to the clear Gospel presentation. Hallelujah.

The photo shows a Brazilian believer holding up the name of Jesus with us. Often when we evangelise we are joined by other believers and this chap, like others, was trulty blessed and encouraged. Ant

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