Thursday, October 30, 2014

Pope's Big Bang ...or whimper?

It's being posted across the web, blogosphere, twitterati and facebook as news...yet we've heard this before. The leader of the Roman church, quite nice chap in many ways, has reiterated what he was told in chemistry class and said God used the big bang and evolution, or something to that effect. This has been official Roman Catholic policy for a while, but it causes problems of Biblical proportions. Now before you post me the latest Dawkins directive or simply steam off in a predictable rant against a view that is nowhere to be found is our PC text books (which uses language of absolute certainty for an event at which nobody alive or in living memory attended (i.e the beginning)) let me make a very simple point as follows:
The word of God is child like clear that death entered the world because of disobedience to God (ahem..sin..ssssh don't mention the war!). We expect atheists, those chaps who have more faith than me (by believing all this amazing cosmos, nature and microorganisms arrived by total chance with no brain input from anyone), to promote the idea that death is part of the process in giving life as we see it today. The Bible portrays the very opposite in saying that the creation, which The Maker called "very good" was indeed perfect and then became corrupted by a malfunction (i.e rebellion against the Creator or ssssh don't mention the war! "sin"). This same Maker said "If you sin you'll die". Why doesn't the scripture record Adam (assuming he was the first fully upright ape man) saying to God in reply "Die?.. but I'm standing on the bones of generations of ape men and other simpler creatures so you can't be telling the truth, sorry!".  I could go on, but my dog is looking at me asking for a walk before I go to bed so I'll sign off here. In conclusion I'd like to state that too many confuse the creation with the corruption and when they observe an imperfect world today, beautiful but ugly also, they think we are on a journey towards perfection, not knowing that in the past before that fruit got nicked...'twas a perfect world where man and woman walked with Maker.  Now the mission of Jesus, the innocent, satisfying the justice of Holy God by his death, so we could legally be forgiven when we turn and believe, makes sense for the first time and the last enemy (aka death) can be defeated. Wow.