Saturday, May 12, 2007

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After preaching about the wonderful cross where our punishment was taken for us I stepped off my wee steps and was greeted by one or two lads who ushered a third teenager to me saying that he wanted prayer. Thinking they were messing I was slow to take them at their word but as I spoke to the chap called Craig I soon realised that he was deeply affected by both the word of God and by the fact that only 2 weeks previous he nearly died but was saved by his mother. I asked him if he harmed himself to which he said he didn't but that he didn't want to elaborate on the details. Never have I met a guy so ready to receive the free gift of God's grace. I said he'd have to overcome his pride and not care what his mates thought, and there were about 4 of them in close proximity who were getting increasingly agitated and distracting. He said he didn't care and by his demeaner I believed him. I took his hand and led him in a prayer of repentance and faith. It was wonderful.
What next you ask? I gave him a tract, after giving him a Bible and explaining how trustworthy God's word is, and pointed out my name and mobile number at the end of the tract. I said I wouldn't text him or contact him until he contacted me. I left him at that. Why didn't you get his number for follow up? Because I believe that true converts follow us up. Last night when on outreach at 12.30am Joao from Brazil came up smiling to me, for the second week running. I first met him 3 weeks ago just after Cece (from Metropolitan Church) prayed with him to recive Jesus. There may be principles but THERE ARE NO RULES and our calling is to be led by the Holy Spirit. I'm not an expert in these matters and I am being taught of the Lord on an ongoing basis but I do honestly believe that much traditional evangelical "Follow up" methods are non-biblical and ultimately counter productive. Come on guys and girls now is the time to post a comment!
I spoke on Friday to my good friend Ray Shiels, pastor of Every Nation Church and he said that his church has been transformed of late by 2 things, one is the gathering of citywide pastors for prayer for the city and the second was the "John 3:7" nighttime outeach. Both of these he stressed were kingdom projects seeking the welfare of the city and not his church! I know that as we seek first THE KINGDOM all these things will be added. Sowing and reaping they call it.
If you are a intercessor don't think that we are always "fired up" and have no needs. All evangelists will agree that we are in desperate and constant need of E N C O U R A G E M E N T and the fresh I N F I L L I N G of the Holy Spirit. We are so grateful for those in Trinity Church and elsewhere who pray for us. THANK YOU! Pray for Craig (mentioned above) and do ask the Lord if he is sending you out to join us. I'm encouraged but today we had just 3 on Grafton Street witnessing...

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