Thursday, May 14, 2015


At our recent outreach in Temple Bar we got into discussion with 3 ladies who were over from Liverpool for the day.  At least 2 of them were deeply impacted by the testimonies we shared about how God made Himself real to us through Jesus.  Initial hostility and resistance vanished to such a degree that they were deeply grateful to us for sharing the gospel. In a separate encounter I had the opportunity to pray for a younger Dublin chap for his migraine healing and...he turned to his friends in amazement declaring that the pain had instantly vanished.  Isn't God amazing!
Jim made a comment to me as we were travelling into the city which I have been thinking much about all week.  He said that there are no Christian youth on the street sharing the gospel....Let me know if I'm wrong on this one,  and if not then pray that the Lord of the harvest would thrust His labourers into the rich harvest. The need is immense and He deserves all. Reinhard Bonnke's Facebook post today said: To shed the Passover Lamb's blood in Egypt was not enough. It had to be applied to the door posts of the house to show its saving power. The same is true of the blood of Jesus. Apply it to your sinful LIFE. It will work. God bless you.