Monday, November 05, 2007

2000 Hits from 14 countries!

I am humbled to think that in the last 7 months this site has received 2009 hits. The map above shows where from (thanks to Clustrmaps!) We have been entrusted with a glorious message of life and my prayer is that I be found a good steward of what God trusted me with. What liberates me is the thought that I don't represent myself but the King of Kings when I share or preach His Word! Naturally I'm a big chicken who'll do almost anything to avoid conflict and rejection yet when God's Spirit fills me up I have no problem standing on a stool in the busiest street in one of Europe's busy city (Dublin) and proclaiming the Truth...with faith and passion. I know it's not "Ego" because I die each time I do it yet I experience the life of Christ in me. My deep passion is to have fellow believers look not to me or any other preacher or pastor but to Jesus HImself and to the lost whom Jesus dearly loves and to take small steps of obedience for Him in propogating the Good News. We never outgrow the Gospel unless you believe in universalism...but remember the Cross of Calvary disproved universalism!

If you study the map above you will notice how the central area is unrepresented. This relates to the 10 - 40 window where there is much spiritual darkness and a great need for the Truth of Jesus' atoning death to reconcile fallen man to Holy God. Most people in these regions are muslim and have no problem in believing that God is holy and man is unholy. Surely this represents fertile ground for the wonderful message of our sin being put on the shoulders of the only innocent Man!

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