Friday, July 20, 2007

A Prophetic Act in Mullingar!

After I finished my work in Mullingar I want back to my car and asked God for a fresh infilling of HIs Holy Spirit. I had a leading to lift up the "Jesus" sticker but boy did I need the courage. Then God showed me 2 trees in front of me and let me know that it was the magnificaent creator of all thingas that I I didn't feel so small. He also let me know that noboody else was going to lift up his name in this town today. So I went to the busiest junction(outside McDonalds) and with much trembling lifted up the newly laminated sign. The signpost to heaven. IMMEDIATELY I felt a huge wave of joy and encouragement. I eyeballed the drivers in the traffic jam and the people on the pavements. Spiritual war broke out and I was on the winning side. From a great distance people stopped and looked, some mystified, some smiling, some hiding their faces (see Isiaah 52 for that!) A group of teens asked me what it was about and heard why Jesus went to the cross for them! It was only an hour of fishing, some nibbles but none landed, yet God alone knows the effect of this silent proclamation in a sleepy midland town. TO lift up the name above all names over the towns of Ireland is a prophetic act! Even the Irish constitution recognises HIm as the supreme authority...What about you?

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