Sunday, December 09, 2007

5 Less in Hell!

"How can I get Born Again?" I was asked by the chap in his thirties. Maurice had been preaching for about 20 minutes at this stage and my friend was rooted to the spot listening outside Dunnes Stores on Grafton Street on a damp Saturday afternoon 3 weeks before Christmas. "You apologize to God for your behavior and surrender all to Him, believing that when He died at Calvary He carried your sin and punishment and that He rose from the grave". As we prayed heaven opened up God smiled and another hell bound soul took a 180 degree turn into the arms of God. When I met him the next day he was a different man. Joy had replaced a heavy despair. Hope was bursting out of his words and life had entered him. What a joy to be an ambassador for Jesus. God united me on the street with John Ahern of All Nations Church, Maurice from Dundalk and Dorcas from Every Nation Church. Jesus unites us and the enemy aint too happy when not only my friend but 4 others had their names entered into the book of life and had their reservations in hell cancelled. To God be all the glory!!

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