Sunday, April 29, 2007

Last Call in Killarney!

We have just returned from our first "mission trip" outside of the pale! We went to Killarney to meet our good evangelist friend Oliver and his friend Kenny who is home from the Phillipines for a short while. The fellowship hugely blessed us and then on Saturday afternoon we went onto the main street in Killarney to lift up the name of Jesus in the forms of worship, praise, sign and preaching. What a privalige it is to proclaim the gospel and yet what a serious work it is too! I believe that the Lord showed me that one person who clearly heard the message was hearing the call for salvation FOR THE LAST TIME. This I also proclaimed.

My wife's sister who is born again had recently been deeply burdened for the salvation of her cousin who resides in Italy and had only a few days ago sent her a text relating to this matter. As my wife finished preaching a heartfelt message in Killarney she was approached by her aunt and this same cousin (whom she hadn't seen in years and was over from Italy for the weekend and had travelled a further 30 miles or so to be in Killarney at the exact right time!). It struck me how amazing God's timing is but that we should not be surprised when such things happen as He is the one who created and ordered the entire universe! To Him belongs ALL the glory.

I was also greatly blessed to hear of other weekend outreaches in Dublin and Limerick. Pray for Tuesday evening Roscrea outreach which for the local believers is a new departure! God bless them! The picture is of me (taken by Noah!) and no...I don't believe that all routes lead to Jesus!! Ant

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