Saturday, November 10, 2007

Religion is a load of....

"Religion is a load of **@@!!??**" the man said as he barged in on a chat we were having on Friday night on Grafton Street with a different man about the Gospel "I couldn't agree with you more!" I said at which his eyeballs grew in size with shock that I'd not be shocked or offended by his "attack". "It's relationship not religion God wants with you" and so our conversation began. As the conversation developed and his objections increased I quietly asked the lord what was physically wrong with the man. "You have a sore shoulder" I said without hesitation. "That's right!" He said. "God knows every detail about you..." and so the discussion ensued. We shook hands at the end. He didn't pray for salvation with me but I believe God demonstrated HIs power through a word of knowledge. Let ALL the glory be given to our wonderful King.

Before we went out we prayed that we would be led by the Holy Spirit in our words and actions and I can testify to the faithfullness of God in answering that prayer. Tonight in Temple Bar God similarly led me and my good friend John O'Connell in proclaiming the Name of the only One who was older than His mother, (that's JESUS) . One unusual moment tonight was when a homeless alcoholic I was talking to shouted at his equally homeless and equally alcoholic friend that "God was here" (not taking no for an answer). The friend was strangely mad at God, confused and demonised. After the encounter I was informed that the second chap had been a prominant member of 2 significnt churches in Dublin....God will not be mocked...yet I believe grace was extended to him tonight.

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