Thursday, November 15, 2007

"Man the lifeboats!"

Calvary cannot be removed from the Gospel anymore than blood can be removed from the body. When God created man and put them in charge they violated his comandment and thereby gave their allegiance to the enemy. Man entered under a CURSE and since that day all have been under the curse, bar Jesus, the only One born different by the virgin birth, the only one that was older than His mother! He was eternal, He was God. God’s love to man is not mere sentiment but is expressed in a raw and powerful way (John 3:16) by this Jesus voluntarily becoming a curse for us by “taking” our sin and suffering the punishment and wrath of HOLY God who was not just unwilling but incapable of violating his own justice which demands death for sin. The resurrected Jesus was taken up into heaven and He sat down at the right hand of God but just before He went (see Mark 16) it was this Gospel (or Good News) that He told them to preach to all creation.

The doctor who goes soft on cancer diagnosis for fear of offending his clients will some day be exposed as a reckless irresponsible physician who is not fit to be recognised as a member of that profession. What of born again believers who equally go soft on the simple truth as revealed in God’s word regarding the true condition of “Natural” or sinful man. God call us to be multi dimensional in our witness (1 Cor 9:22) not so that we can have all inclusive life philosophies but for the single end which is “to save some”. Now gentlemen “man the lifeboats”!

Yesterday I had the honour of meeting Dave Kinsella evangelist and together for about 5 minutes we went fishing and had a wonderful chat with Muhammad a muslim man who, after discussion, admitted he had broken God's holy law, is guilty, deserves hell and is concerned about it. He heard that Jesus became a curse for him at Calvary and declared he'd been in Ireland for months but had never heard this good news before. On parting I asked him to ask God if this message was true...He said he would. To God be all the glory!!

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