Friday, May 30, 2014

Election of a Different Sort

Politicians ! { Poly = Latin for "Many"  Ticks = Blood sucking creatures} They're all the same ! Full of promises that are null and void when the last ballot box closes!

It's not just Politicians.
We are all the same - God said  " We all like sheep have gone astrayeach to his own way"

Zero Tolerance
Imagine if it was a crime to live a less than perfect life and you were arrested.  The legal team accusing you had full information on all your failings.  While you prepared your defence saying "no one is perfect'  you discover to your horror that the judge himself is perfect and because of the law has no discretion to pardon you.

Oh dear, how sad, yet how true to life when we consider the message of  God's word - Worse still it says that the outcome of sin 
(any sin) is death (eternal separation from God).

Now for the comforting news
The Judge  struck the hammer confirming your guilt but before the guards take you off in chains the judge removes his wig and cloak, steps down, comes to the guards, offers to take your place, gets handcuffed and is lead off to the cell.  While you stand there speechless the judge looks back and says to you "you're free to go - I'm paying the price"

This actually happened
Your death sentence was taken by Jesus personally so that you could be forgiven and released from sin's power, addiction and consequences.  You can now have a personal friendship with God through Jesus because God's justice is satisfied by his death.

What now?
Get to a private place, Apologise to God for your self centred life, talk to Him now, ask His forgiveness and invite Him into your life as boss. Be prepared for an internal transformation. He is listening and will answer - believe me.  Make your election to God sure.