Sunday, April 29, 2007

Last Call in Killarney!

We have just returned from our first "mission trip" outside of the pale! We went to Killarney to meet our good evangelist friend Oliver and his friend Kenny who is home from the Phillipines for a short while. The fellowship hugely blessed us and then on Saturday afternoon we went onto the main street in Killarney to lift up the name of Jesus in the forms of worship, praise, sign and preaching. What a privalige it is to proclaim the gospel and yet what a serious work it is too! I believe that the Lord showed me that one person who clearly heard the message was hearing the call for salvation FOR THE LAST TIME. This I also proclaimed.

My wife's sister who is born again had recently been deeply burdened for the salvation of her cousin who resides in Italy and had only a few days ago sent her a text relating to this matter. As my wife finished preaching a heartfelt message in Killarney she was approached by her aunt and this same cousin (whom she hadn't seen in years and was over from Italy for the weekend and had travelled a further 30 miles or so to be in Killarney at the exact right time!). It struck me how amazing God's timing is but that we should not be surprised when such things happen as He is the one who created and ordered the entire universe! To Him belongs ALL the glory.

I was also greatly blessed to hear of other weekend outreaches in Dublin and Limerick. Pray for Tuesday evening Roscrea outreach which for the local believers is a new departure! God bless them! The picture is of me (taken by Noah!) and no...I don't believe that all routes lead to Jesus!! Ant

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Less Jaw ... More Awe

How did Peter have faith to raise Tabitha from the dead in Acts 9? Yes he was called for by the disciples but dont forget that in Mark 5 Peter saw Jesus raise Jairus' daughter to life! If you see somebody operate in spiritual gifts of healings or raising from the dead I think you'd find it easier to step out yourself and pray. I haven't yet seen the dead raised but over 20 years ago on the street i saw Kyle Holland pray for the sick and them miraculously recover. That's why I find it easy to pray for the sick and love to encourage others to do the same. When the pre-believers get healed, as has happened in recent weeks on Grafton Street their attitude to the Word of God and the messae of the cross changes instantly. Acts 2:43 "EVERYONE WAS FILLED WITH AWE". Less Jaw more Awe I pray for!!

We are off to Killarney(see photo) via Limerick this weekend (Fri and Sat) for evangelism. God is leading us to take a day off work and beat a trail southwards to meet up with our friend John (Limerick) and Oliver and Kenny (Killarney), evangelists one and all. Last night at the Trinity Network Prayer meeting we received prayer, encouragement, prophesy and anointing and are mightily blessed of the Lord! Thanks to ALL for the encouragement! DOn't forget that the Friday night Grafton Street "John 3:7" outreach is carrying on in our absence..they meet from 11pm to 2am near the top of Grafton Street. Join them and be blessed and be a blessing. Ask for Shane, he's the main man.

Sunday, April 22, 2007

Jesus had the power to save himself from the cross!

Last night we were on the street with the John 3:7 team between 11 and 2.30am and again saw people repent and receive Jesus as their Lord and Saviour. We have been entrusted with a message of GOOD NEWS which has POWER to SAVE. If people are breathing then that is evidence that God is merciful towards them and wishes them not to perish but come to repentance. This afternoon we were on Grafton Street and then in Temple Bar Square witnessing, holding up the JESUS stickers and preaching. We were again honoured to be joined by Maurice the evangelist from Dundalk (I promise I'll try and get a photo of his scriptural shirt for the next blog entry, it's worth seeing!) and Frank. We later met up with Keith and Robert from St Mark's who were a real blessing.
I preached a few times and the word the Lord gave me was Isaiah 53 and the message that "Jesus had the power to save himself from the cross...Why didn't he save himself? Why did he choose to die for us?..why did he not come to earth, give good teachings, examples and miracles and go back to heaven telling us we can come later. He didn't do this because the justice of God would not allow a single sinner in heaven!...".
The photo is of Temple Bar Square on a sunny day, like today!

Saturday, April 07, 2007

Lost in humble prayer to the forgiving King...

"Well C. would you like to pray at home or now to ask God's forgiveness?". "I'd like to pray now" said he. So the three of us knelt on the granite cobbles outside the central bank on a crowded Saturday afternoon (today) in full view of all the passers by but lost in humble prayer to the forgiving King who offers new life. "Jesus is my Lord " C. then proclaimed and with a smile and huge relief he rose and shook our hands. God wishes for none to perish but all to come to repentance. Others in the afternoon today heard the truth and responded in different ways. It's been a good week for evangelism with 8 from our Blackrock home group going out on Thursday in Blackrock to share the gospel. Although the numbers out shopping on Holy Thursday night were limited there were some who heard the truth and were blessed by a combination of tracts, gospels and easter eggs. The "Why? hot air baloons from Thursday were brought in to Temple Bar today but eventually given away to the teens who begged to have them.

Pray for L. who claimed to be an athiest but was deeply touched when some personal matters were ministered to. Pray also for J. who is deeply curious and hungry yet has adopted a lifestyle in defiance to the way God made him. When he asked me a direct question on this matter I said that God himself will answer that as soon as he humbles himself and enters the kingdom through the new birth. The photo shows some of the team sharing Jesus with a chap. The building behind them was turned around when the central bank was constructed, let this be prophetic of the many who will "repent" and turn their lives around to the One who died for their sins. AB