Saturday, June 04, 2016

Half Million saved by Eighth Amendment to Irish Constitution

Before I join the crowd at todays Celebrate the 8th rally organised by the prolife campaign I’ve been thinking about a few figures.  For England and Wales in 2014, the last published year, the government figures say that 184,571 abortions were carried out.  With 56.6 million people living in those countries the abortion rate is therefore 1 per 303.  The equivalent for Ireland, with a population of 4.58 million would be 15,115  annual abortions.  If we had abortion since 1983, that being 33 years ago then the total abortion figure, based on the above, would have been 498,795 or half a million approx. 

I understand that somewhere between 3,000 and 4,000 women currently travel to England or Wales for abortions and I have often heard this fact being used as a reason why we should allow it here.  Perhaps it’s England and Wales who should change their laws as what was thought to be “restrictive” abortion law in 1967 was soon proven to be “abortion on demand”.

While I respect and support a woman’s right to choose matters regarding her own body, and while I will never as a man understand the pressures an unexpected pregnancy brings on some, the presence of a second body (the baby) surely ought to put limitations on such a right to choose.  

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