Monday, December 13, 2010


"What's all this about?" the 2 girls asked as they approached me standing on my stool on Grafton Street yesterday amidst the busy Christmas shoppers. "We're here representing Jesus...can I ask you a question?". They were very keen to be asked anything and so I asked: "Why did Jesus come at Christmas?" after looking at each other they both said "I don't know...Why?". "He came to die" I said. "That's a bit forward" one replied. A discussion ensued where the simple and powerful message of the cross was communicated. Conviction was rising and then... one of the girls mobile phones rang and they quickly excused themselves and vanished. We had some excellent discussions and thousands witnessed the soon to be birthday boy's name lifted high!  I asked some people what the difference between Jesus and Santa Claus was. Again I was asked to give the answer and it was; "Santa didn't take it in the neck for your sins". Now we love Santa but she doesn't really compare. The day culminated in a new saint entering onto a relationship with Jesus and it was glorious..not to mention the 3 people who received miraculous healings! Christmas is a great time to witness for Jesus, ring me on 087 9795454 if you are free to join us in the city centre. We plan to be out next Saturday afternoon.

Monday, December 06, 2010


Double click the image, enlarge to A4, print out and follow the instructions! If you love Jesus you will never regret it! Glory to God. This is the sign that has been lifted up throughout Ireland, UK and the nations of Europe, in the Phillipines and in Burundi in Africa. Versions of it have been lifted elsewhere also. This is the Name that demons are scared of...and they have good reason! The Holy Spirit will lead you and give you the words to say when curious onlookers ask what you are doing. I have done all sorts of evangelism but this way is special...believe me! So get printing cutting going and lifting. Be blessed and be a blessing! Anthony

Wednesday, December 01, 2010


Talk of bankruptcy is very much in the air and the chill wind of fear that circumstances might overwhelm our society is not too far away. Let me take this opportunity to remind you, dear reader, of the greatest cosmic bankruptcy ever namely: the giving of Jesus, the Son of God, by God the Father for us rebels. (I've got a son too but I'm not giving him up for anyone!) Reject this and you are pitifully abandoned with a set of false hopes that will only disappoint with tragic consequences, believe me.
We live in a world that is four square anti-Christ. Vast swathes of religious nations violently oppose faith in Jesus, despite it's indisputable merits. In western Europe when a governemtn minister (O'Cuiv) even mentions prayer he is publically ridiculed or when another politician (Conor Lenihan) plans attending a friend's book launch where the sacred cow of Darwinism is questioned he is forced to cancel.
Our Father in heaven could hardly be blamed had he not bothered with telling Noah to build an ark. The truth is mankind is utterly corrupt. In Ireland the masses are blaming bankers and politicains yet hypocritically are happy to fiddle the system for themselves. Finger pointing as a means of hiding guilt is nothing new having started in the garden of Eden when Adam blamed God for giving him Eve.
If you have yet to apologize to God for your own guilt and shame and believe that Jesus took this on Himself 2000 years ago and through His resurrection now offers you personally forgiveness and new life PLEASE DO IT TODAY. God Bless.
The picture is of the cover of "the Origin of Specious Nonsense" by John J. May, seditious material in a humanist Europe!

Sunday, November 14, 2010


This Tuesday you can join myself and others including Katey Moreland of The Word of The Lord Ministries in the Dublin leg of her all Ireland Evangelism and Prayer Walking. Come at 1pm to 5 Gardiner Row, Dublin 1 where after some orientation we will be in Jesus' classroom "The Street" for some effective ministry and evangelism training from the wonderful Holy Spirit. If I was a swimming instructor I could hardly teach without a pool or the ocean. Likewise evangelism is not learnt in  a classroom but out where people are at. See you there. Ant

Friday, November 05, 2010


A Suicide bomb explodes in a middle eastern marketplace. Whose fingerprints are on such an act  those of God or satan? I would say satan because I know he came to kill, steal and destroy. Some would say God because they see such self sacrifice and killing as part of their twisted "holy war". On a normal day we can't see God nor satan face to face but be sure of this we can see a world full of fingerprints! Remember this: the devil never created a thing in his life but only perverted what God the creator made. Murder (including hatred), theft and destruction are his fingerprints, forensic evidence that he has been involved!  Where you see glorious life and blessings of every description including the beauty of creation ... give thanks to God and above all thank Jesus who made God known to us.  Detect the Divine! 

Thursday, October 28, 2010


A very well known believer on national television (RTE) here in Ireland said that the Good Book was the most important thing in his life. Commendable you might was a pity he did not give "Jesus" as the answer. Let me give you a very simple illustration. I invite my friend to dinner but when he is with me I ignore him and become totally absorbed in the letters he wrote me instead! Sounds a bit rude and weird (and a reflection on lack of real relationship). Some believe in the holy trinity of The Father, The Son and The Holy Bible. Please don't think that I am belittling the Word of God, far from it. In the beginning was The Word...and the Word was God. In John chapter one Jesus is called "The Word" but never forget this: The Word is a person, not a doctrine nor a set of principles!
In today's wired up world people form relationships in a very shallow way (Think of Facebook's definition of "friends" for example). The temptation is there to spend too much time indoors in front of some sort of electronic display terminal to the detriment of real relationships. At the very heart of the (true) Trinity (Father Son and Holy Spirit) is RELATIONSHIP. The GREAT news is that wherever you are at morally or spiritually God wants to know you and when Peter in Acts 2 said "Repent" he was speaking to a people who thought they already knew God.
The photo is of Franklin Lobos a rescued Chilean minor embracing his daughter Carolina.

Read more:,29307,2024973_2199758,00.html#ixzz13fwTPRua

Friday, October 08, 2010


There is no forgiveness, according to God's Word, without one thing. Do you know what it is? Many say it's "sorrow". Sorry wrong answer. The answer is found in the book of Hebrews, Chapter 9, verse 22 and it is BLOOD. Now before you all go a bit bonkers and become raving Jihadists let me hasten to add that it the Blood of Jesus not ours! Maybe my blood would pass screening at the blood bank in Dublin and be acceptable but it wouldn't pass God's screening in heaven because sin has contaminated it. I am glad that when I die and stand before the throne of God the Father will look at Jesus perfect blood paid for me and not at mine and thereby welcome me in forever.
If this message offends you it shows that you are in spiritual darkness and need to surrender, not to me or a religious system but to God Himself and ask His forgiveness in light of Jesus' sacrifice. If Gospel means "good news" then a bloodless Gospel is not Gospel at all and if it ain't a Bloody Religion it's Bloody Useless! The photo is of Red Blood cells manufactured not by chance (as the faithiests would spoof to you) but by God in Heaven.

Monday, September 13, 2010


"I don't think God is doing a good job when you look at the trouble in the world" The Gent said to me on Saturday night at about 1am on Grafton Street as we discussed the gospel. I asked him and his wife (I assume) if they had children and they informed me they'd 2 teenage kids. I said that they might be the best parents in Ireland yet still get a late night call from the local police saying their kid was on drugs and had comrmitted an awful crime. I then said God in heaven is a parent but should not be blamed for the waywardness of his kids! They got the message...and plenty of food for thought about Jesus who loved them so much to come down on earth to take the rap for their wrongdoing.
I have never used this illustration before nor even thought about it but I found it yet another example of how the wonderful Holy Spirit gives you wisdom on the spot. Without a shadow of a doubt or a hint of an exaggeration I can honestly say that the vast majority of what I have learnt about by evangelizing. If you know Jesus let me encourage you to find someone who goes out weekly on the streets and "tag along". You will never be the same again and , more importantly, God will use you to push back the kingdom of darkness.

Saturday, September 11, 2010


What do we have today at the end of "Ramadan"? During Ramadan, Muslims ask forgiveness for past sins (no forgiveness available without the shedding of the innocent blood of Jesus), pray for guidance and help in refraining from everyday evils (no real way of reformation without getting the "new heart and new spirit" promised by the new birth in Jesus by the power of the Holy Spirit), and try to purify themselves through self-restraint and good deeds (Our own righteous deeds are as filthy rags before Holy God and only the works of God done through us by faith in Jesus are of value). In short the intention might be noble but without Jesus (the One who died on the cross)'s a waste of time. 
Tomorrow an american pastor is putting Christians in persecuted Islamic countries at risk by burning Korans (not a good idea). Many want to be at the front of an abortion clinic protesting but few are at the back door giving hugs to the broken and exploited women. Many want to offend the lost and what they hold dear but few reach out in love to them. There is a time or peace and a time for war (ecclesiastes). Tomorrow remember is September 11th so the depth of some peoples demonic depravity must not be forgotten and tyrants (read Ahmadinejad) ought to be brought to account before they develop nuclear capability, especially with such a public bent on the destruction of Israel. Now  put all that in your pipe and smoke it! Blessings. Ant

Sunday, August 22, 2010


Face it lads: Religion is exhausting! But Jesus is life giving! How do I know that? Experience. Religion is endless and you are always inadequate...always! Yet with Jesus we can enter the sabbath rest of His acceptance if we are truly converted and "Born Again". And if we have this relationship with the King be prepared for relentless persecution from angry religious people who don't share the same peace. They have been fighting all their lives for something we simply walked up to the cross for and freely annoying is that!

Wednesday, August 11, 2010


So they spent €360 million to bring regular crowds to my I could fish I guess! Tonight I tested the waters for the first time and positioned myself by one of the major exits from the new Lansdowne Road / Aviva stadium after the Ireland against Argentina football match. I simply held up the precious name of JESUS for about 10,000 people to see as they filed past. Pray that revival comes to Ireland because only 3 of the people were believers!

Monday, July 26, 2010


Look how proud I am with the giant courgette I grew. Moments later we sliced it and was rotten on the inside and useless. It makes me think of how easily it is to be fooled by appearances. I cant speak of others but  know that apart from Jesus there is no good thing in me ...only rotten smelly mush like this courgette! I know the humanists would disagree and argue "man is basically good". Maybe good but not perfect and there lies the problem. We would all be outraged if a murderer was told by a "loving" judge that he was forgiven and could go home! We all want justice for others but go into denial when it comes to ourselves before Perfect (Holy) God! Either take your own punishment or believe that Jesus took it and turn to Him for a forgivenesss that can be given legally! Normal Fishing resumes this Saturday in Dublin City Centre, join me if you can!

Monday, July 05, 2010


Last weekend I declined 2 invitations to witness for Jesus. This was unusual but to be blunt i didn't quite feel up to it. The truth I now realize is that I had not of late spent much intimate time with jesus in the inner room, the very place where i receive the strength and the word and instruction I need. "What you have whispered in the ear in the inner rooms will be proclaimed from the roofs" Luke 12:3 might be talking about revelation of ungodly secrets but it also applies to Godly revelation we hear when we privately get with the King. Now that I am returning to this inner room I expect to be out upsetting the enemy in Dublin and beyond. Hallelujah! Photo shows people on Grafton Street listening to the Word of God. Comments are now moderated but I promise to upload all comments which relate to the blog content, even those I don't agree with like Darwin, Dawkins and Delusion (all pretty much the same thing!). What will be filtered out is spam!

Tuesday, June 15, 2010


Religion has given to God the character of the devil in order to manipulate and control behaviour. While God created “relationship” man created “religion”. Religion will always tell you that you are inadequate yet will offer no real hope of change. Religion kills but God gives life. God operates through love and free will and not by manipulation and force.
Will you again consider God but this time outside of the terms and language of religion. A good judge wont let a rapist off and the ultimately good Judge, who loves you, ensured that Jesus the innocent paid for every one of your crimes against HIm. Your forgiveness is offered as you read this because it has been fully paid for. The good news is that good! Religion involves “holding on” yet God speaks of surrendering. Pride hates that but I implore you to humble yourself now before the Maker of the universe. Time is short and not guaranteed so turn from religion to Jesus today.

Sunday, June 13, 2010


Recently I was witnessing on Grafton Street and some radical muslim gents with anti-Israel t shirts came up to me and asked questions. I asked the main chap "You are a muslim. Tell me how to get to heaven". He proposed a bunch of actions and rules to which I asked "If I do that will it make me good?" "Oh no it wont" he admitted. Here lies the problem of Islam and all religions...they don't make you good or holy and yet God is holy! Take Jesus' death out of the picture (as muslims do when they believe he was substituted on the cross by Judas!) and you are left without hope. Thankfully He did die for all and so we have hope when we turn to Him.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010


It turned out it was just me and Jim fishing in Tallaght, with countless angels of course. I arrived early and scouted out the area around the Luas terminal and boy was it a ghost town! I then went to the big people magnet which was the Square shopping centre, a huge place, and although it was not crazy busy there was a reasonable number of people milling around the west entrance near the cinemas. When Jim joined me we took the guitar out and opened with "When the Saints go marching in". I knew we were on private property and might not last long but felt led of the Lord to go ahead anyway. "You need permission for that" said the burly well dressed security man, with his even more burly accomplice. "We have permission" I said without hesitation. "From whom?", "From the owner of this centre" I replied. "Who was that?" he said. "God almighty" said I. They then turned and left but I didn't feel a liberty to carry on so we packed up and went to Rathmines where we had a glorious time proclaiming Jesus and chatting to a few, all the time hold up high the wonderful name of the precious Lamb of God, The King of Kings, the matchless Name above all names, JESUS! The video is a birthday greeting recorded in Rathmines for Kyle Holland's 50th. He was the first guy I saw pray for the sick on the street...and that was 26 years ago!

Sunday, May 02, 2010


Does God just love us when we are good? Of course not. He hates our sin but always loves us. (Remember John 3:16) If you don't believe this then not only will you find it hard, if not impossible to come back to him when you stray will withhold HIs love from others who are not walking  in grace. What a transformed church we would have if people not only believed this but acted it!! Text me if you can join us next Saturday for street evangelism in Tallaght next Saturday afternoon. I think we've 3 confirmed so far.

Sunday, April 25, 2010


After preaching on Saturday on Grafton Street yesterday I spoke to 4 chaps who had listened to my message about the good guy getting the comuppance for the baddie's deeds (aka the message of the cross). One of the chaps actually said "I don't understand how God would send his good son to die for guilty people". "It was because he loves you and there is no other way holy God can legally deal with the matter".  I was left with the distinct impression that these guys had never ever heard the gospel before. They are not unique I hasten to add, they are typical. Pray, pray, pray that the Lord sends labourers into the harvest. We need prayer backing as we go out and I myself need to pray the Lord sends others to the loved ones in my family who are not open to me. In 2 weeks we are off to pastures green (Tallaght) for evangelism, why not join us? Ant 087 9795454 . The Photo Shows Leonidas' family proudly holding high the matchless name in Burundi!

Wednesday, April 07, 2010


Being a busy Architect, Husband and Father sometimes means my plans have to change at short notice but...I believe it's best to have some plans and with this in mind I have (to your right) a list of outreach dates and venues. This list will be updated regularly but I would love to hear from believers in Jesus who can join us at any of the listed towns or dates. The laborers are (still) few. Transport typically can be arranged (we have a 7 seater). On May 31st in the evening we have Paul and Nuala O'Higgins ( )coming to host a Holy Spirit evening titled "Intercessors for Ireland". Txt me on 087 9795454 if you want to come. Looks like being a busy 2010 in the Kingdom with a very rich harvest to be brought in...all bountifully paid for by the precious blood of Jesus. What if the very highest price was paid for someone's ransom and yet they remained abandoned in the prison. Now that wouldn't be right! Ant

Friday, March 26, 2010


As I set about hoovering Elijah's chariot (our car) in preparation for our micro mission to Drogheda tomorrow with Jim, Julius, Andrea and my dear wife I feel honoured to co-labour with Derek Lynch and the dear saints from The Royal Embassy in the town. The above photos come from our recent St Patrick's day outing. Ireland is in desperate need for a new pentecost, revival and spiritual awakening. Pray and seek His face and He will heal this land...It's a promise we can rely on! Ant

Wednesday, March 17, 2010


Today, St Patrick's Day, was probably the busiest day of evangelism I've ever had. We (myself and Jim) were only out on Grafton street for about 2 hours but large numbers asked us questions...and they were all about Jesus (Of course we were holding up signs with His name!). At one stage I noticed how the groups (typically 4 or 5) waited until the previous group moved on before they stepped forward with their questions. At one stage a "smart alec" jumped up and grabbed my sign and sprinted off. I simply reached into my pocket and took out another sign to which the bemused onlooking crowd cheered. For the first time I began to ask the Father to send HIs Holy Spirit and cause the Fire of God to fall on the street....and why not! We are long overdue a new pentecost. Join me in prayer to this end.


At last I remembered to actually record some street preaching. It seems like I'm shouting but that's because the street was noisy and I wanted to be heard!
Ireland was nearly bankrupt recently but guess what: Heaven was bankrupted when the Father sent the Son to this earth. Listen to the message on the right....and enjoy!

Friday, March 12, 2010


No area of science is so unashamedly dumb as the Theory of Evolution. It defies scientific laws and norms, dogmatically states as fact unproven assumptions and violently opposes opponents in a manner that makes North Korea look like a free country. It is like the mathematician who dedicated his life to finding out what 2 plus 2 was but had willfully chosen, or been deceived, that in no circumstances could 4 be considered. An infinitely complex cosmos and micro cosmos by chance and not design? A must for the evolutionist. Probability doesn't matter because the existence of an intelligent creator must be resisted at all costs. And does it matter says you, oh lukewarm humanist christian whether GOd used evolution or not? Absolutely because either Man brought death or death brought man. The former meant that Jesus as perfect Man through death could bring "Life" while the latter means...We are all hopeless animals. No wonder some behave that way with all the LIES taught in Schools, Media and in (Evolutionary) science. The conclusion of Evolution is amorality and a resulting disintegration of the very fabric of our civilized society, nothing less.

Friday, March 05, 2010


People are leaving the Catholic Church but don't know where to go. Many believe in God and want to do the right thing but feel somewhat betrayed by the systematic child abuse cover up over the years. I hereby announce: THE ALTERNATIVE CATHOLIC CHURCH (ACC) and say you are welcome!! In the apostles creed the line "I believe in one holy catholic and apostolic church" is used by anglicans as well as RC's. Catholic means "universal" in this context. The ACC is for all. Membership is written in heaven, not earth. Google "The Lamb's book of life" and see what I am on about. The qualifying work for entry is done by another (Jesus at Calvary). The members are all over the place, including Ireland! Some public, some secret but all passionately in love with their Creator. Members have to go through a new birth process which is supernatural and done by God himself but requires their surrender to him, a huge barrier for many because of pride and unbelief. Want to know more? Post a comment below and ask a question, email me (Anthony) or cut me out of the loop, close your bedroom door, get on your knees and ask Jesus himself... YOu will be utterly astounded at how the answer comes! Cheers.

Saturday, February 27, 2010


When the Michael Buble concerts were announced for the soon to be opened Aviva Stadium, which is on my doorstep,for next autumn I immediately knew that God was calling me to prepare for outreach on the 2 nights. There will also be many other crowds for other matches and concerts...Hallelujah! When a concert or match is over large crowds surge into the surrounding streets and a well selected location with my small preaching stool and a JESUS sign gets seen by tens of thousands over a short period of time. My prayer is that a few others can join me for such outreaches.Ant

Tuesday, February 16, 2010


The arrest of Mullah Abdul Ghani Baradar represents the most significant Taliban capture since the terrorist attacks of September 11 according to a senior Obama administration official. Who loves war? Not me... yet I hate the Taliban and Al Quida more and so am glad to hear of the above news. You cannot love without hating what opposes love. You can't love Israel without hating the holocaust. Yet so often gospel preaching christians, yes there are a few left, get lambasted by lovey dovey "christians" who see God's love as a one sided coin with no holiness on the other side. When we get a sneak preview of heaven in the book of Revelation we see God on the throne surrounded by cries of "Holy, Holy, Holy". To an amoral badly educated and deeply deceived western mindset the idea of being called to account for anything puts them in a hissy fit. Boy are there some surprises in store when Jesus returns and Dawkins knee bows! ....God loves the world but hates that millstone around your neck called sin. My suggestion is get it cut off before it eternally sucks you down to the Psalm 88 place. Jesus can be your scapegoat if you get down off your high horse of pride for a moment and bow that stubborn knee of yours.

Monday, February 08, 2010


It's amazing what lies we swallow without thought so often. A classic one is the concept of "The Missing Link". If Evolution was true then we'd expect numerous if not countless "Missing Links" yet the singular version is always used. The classic "find" was Neandarthal man, otherwise known as "Man with rickets who suffered from Vitamin D deficiency following clouding over of planet and cooling caused by emergence of subterranean warmer waters at time after Noah's flood (aka Ice Age)".
On Saturday I was preaching on North Earl Street,...well someone had to do it as Dessie was sick in the bed! I spoke about exchanging the Truth for a lie and then went on to speak about the missing link I found, whose name is JESUS. He is the link between Holy God and Fallen Man. Sadly for many he remains the "undiscovered" missing link.

Friday, February 05, 2010


Last Saturday as we were out on Westmoreland Street witnessing for Jesus so too were at least 3 other groups on North Earl Street, Henry Street and Temple Bar. There was probably more out elsewhere too. I am reminded that before the great outpouring of the Holy Spirit in Ulster in 1859 there was a revival of Street Preaching...Do not despise the day of small beginnings! And why do we go out for Jesus? 'cos he came down for us! God loves the people in Dublin ...we are just the delivery boys with the message!

Saturday, January 23, 2010


Some people can plan ahead what they will do for God and when. That I find hard. I had been planning and looking forward to attending a Friday night prayer meeting for most of the week but a family matter detained me so that I was more than an hour late. Because the meeting was in the basement of a building and there was no "security staff" at ground floor I found the doors locked with little prospect of entry. Seeing as I was in Temple Bar and it was close to 9pm I decided to do a wee prayer walk myself around the precinct. When I walked by a particular brightly lit corner outside a pub guessed it "The Temple Bar" I asked God to help me and reached into my inside pocket, took out the new Jesus sign which Maurice gave me last week and toold me some "black brothers" had made it.
As always the moment I lifted high HIs name joy and peace flooded me and a Holy boldness. Shortly after Jo and Andy an english couple came up to me asking "What's this?". We spoke about Jesus and what He did for us. I silently asked the Holy Spirit if there was anything wrong with them and then I asked Jo "Do you have a heart murmer?". She said that Andy has heart trouble. I again asked her if she had a heart murmur to which she said yes. She was quite amazed at this. I explained that God knows everything about her, loves her and wants to bring her to HImself. She was open for prayer and so without laying on hands (I felt the Lord said not to lay on hands this time) I asked the Lord to heal them both. The ensuing chat was good and I believe they left with some undertanding of God's love for them in Jesus. They promised they'd go back to their hotels and look at the Bibles in the room.
Later on I said to the Lord "I don't know if they really get healed". I believe the Lord then said to me "nor did you know she had a heart murmur!". He has a great sense of humour!

Friday, January 15, 2010


"Prove to us that God exists" one of the lads said. "Are you open to persuasion?" I asked. They were and I then asked who had the pain behind their knee (word of knowledge). Jason, the chap in the middle said it was him and after prayer in the name of Jesus he testified, to his friends of course, that it was amazingly better (miracle and a sign). He then asked if he could get forgiveness of sins. After a brief explanation of his sin being carried on the cross by Jesus I invited him to pray in his own words. One of the pals was sniggering after the prayer and I said to Jason "Will you say before your friends that Jesus is Lord". He did not hesitate and boldly spoke it out and confessed belief in the resurrection. The divine exchange happened (new birth) and he even began to witness to his friends without delay! (evangelism). I left him with my card and a paperback action packed thriller...The gospel of Mark. Thus ended my brief fishing expedition with Oliver at Crown Alley in Temple Bar on a wintery Thursday night. Hallelujah! Pray for Jason.