Thursday, March 15, 2007


Guilty...We are all Guilty before Holy God, who keeps up alive during the night only for us to wake up and seek out more ways of sinning and offending HIm. Why does He allow it then? Because He wishes none to perish but all to come to repentance. If you think this message is not for you then that is evidence that Jesus did not come for you. Huh? Yep. He said He did not come for the righteous but for the lost. "The healthy have no need for a doctor" Jesus said. More to the point: those who think they are healthy don't see any need a medic. We're all guilty, not in the eyes of our equally guilty friends but in the eyes of our perfect creator God. I know Cheltenham Racing festival is on and a lot of gambling is happening but dont gamble with eternity, repent today and receive God's forgiveness and new life. Yes we're all guilty so make sure that your judgement is on Jesus and not yourself!

It's St Patrick's weekend and God is gathering his troops for a lot of street outreach on Friday and Saturday. Believers: pray that Patick's Gospel is proclaimed this weekend with power.

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Thomas Fluharty said...

PREEEEEEACH it brother. incredible mercy to undeserving sinners. we deserve HIS wrath but get mercy instead. un fathomable. love you bro-TOM