Saturday, February 24, 2007

She chose Jesus

Pray for Annalina from Germany. She was on Grafton Street this afternoon and stopped and stared as we held up the "Jesus" stickers. When we asked her if she knew Jesus a conversation began and soon she understood that she had offended God and wanted to say sorry to Him. Out of the blue an emissary of Satan arrived and butted right into the conversation uninvited. He insisted that she should trust Mary the mother of Jesus and not Jesus alone. I said to the man it is recorded in the Bible that Mary confessed to being a sinner, when he asked about this I pulled out my pocket BIble and together we read (Luke 1). This made the man very annoyed but when we all turned back to Annalina and asked her if she wanted to thrust in Jesus alone or in Mary and Jesus she said "Jesus". She left us soon after this but with the promise to close the door of her room and pray to Jesus directly asking his forgiveness.

God was clearly reaching her and the devil knew it but as has happened so many times in the past...he failed. Hallelujah. We were honoured today to be joined by John "the bull" from Limerick who spoke of the B.I.B.L.E. Basic Instructions before leaving earth to the people and to us about F.E.A.R. Fake Evidence Appearing Real.

And the photo above? The blind, white, crablike creature dubbed the "yeti crab" was just one of many new sea creatures discovered this year by the international Census of Marine Life ocean survey. The census is now in its sixth year and seeks to record all life, living and extinct, in the oceans by 2010. Never before has this perfectly adapted and designed beautiful creature been seen. Give thanks and praise to the Creator.

Saturday, February 17, 2007

Healed of influenza

As myself and Oliver Hurley were sharing Jesus with some young people today on Grafton Street the Lord put it on my heart to declare that Jesus was here and that he would heal them if they had any ailments. They all looked at a girl at the end of the line who had been suffering badly from flu. I asked her if she would like Jesus to heal her (I never presume they want healing). She asked for it. After a brief prayer (check out Mark 16!) she went wide eyed and stared and laughed at her friends and said she felt better. A wonderful peace descended on the group of four and very precious seed was planted while they stood in awe of a miracle in Jesus' name. Miracles are the dinner bell of salvation. This is just one of the many encounters we had today. The harvest is rich but...

Thursday, February 15, 2007

How bad is sin?

Look at the punishment given by the good judge for the crime. If we see in the paper that a man got a €5 fine for something we conclude that his misdemeaner is only trivial. If another got 5 life sentances we know it’s a terrible crime. The wages of sin is death and judgement in the eternal fires of hell. Think of it. "What is sin?" people ask. Sin is slapping the face of The Very One who is giving you your every breath. Think of it and go to the "Good enough for heaven?" at the sidebar on the right. Ant

Sunday, February 04, 2007

John returns to Croke Park

Saturday night saw the return of the "John 3:7" sign to Croke Park when Dublin Played Tyrone in the first floodlit game at the stadium. Well done to Pat McMullen and Shane O'Brien for having the vision to go up to the gate. They were greeted royally and ushered in without charge. Televison viewers on Setants sports (live) and RTE (delayed transmission on Sunday) would have seen them behind the goal at HIll 16. The sign had not been at Croke Park for more than a year. Members of the public had been on to the GAA asking where was the John 3:7 man was! Although the children of Israel were saved from death by looking at the brazen serpent (Numbers 21:8) and in the same way we are saved by believing on Jesus (John 3:15) people will not be saved by looking at the "John 3:7" sign but as has been proven by the street outreach it has lead to many asking how they can be born again. The night before the match 6 such people received this new birth and countless others heard the truth of the word of God from the 12 evangelists who braved the cold. If you are reading this you are either a missionary or else a mission field. Either way come and visit us on a Friday night at the top of GraftonStreet between 11 and 2. God Bless.