Friday, September 07, 2007

Devil admits we are right in following Jesus!

At the name of Jesus EVERY KNEE SHALL BOW, in heaven on earth and under the earth, and every tongue confess thet Jesus Christ is Lord, to the glory of God the Father. (Phillipians 2:10+11). Think about it, the devil himself will ADMIT that we were right to follow Jesus. FIx that firmly in your mind now AND USE IT AGAINST HIM when he again lies to you that this gospel of ours is not for real, or that God wasn't serious when He gave us His word. The fact that he bows the knee does not mean he gets saved from judgement but it does confirm that truth will win out! Let's be on the winning side asap. Ant


James said...

So what are you saying? You seem to be only confirming your own statement.
Firstly, why do you need to repeat youself to existing christians and in particular about Satan. Sure dose not every halfbaked christinan know that Jesus Christ is Lord. It is this circular arguing, like yours, of christians that gets Christianity a bad name. Is ther a point to your statement, and what is the basis og your argument.
Based on scripture Iasiah 14 states that Satan was cast down into the pit.
Should you not firstly keep you eyes on Jesus and stop looking at Satan. You who have been show great mercy and compassion by a gracious and compassionat Father seem to be less than compassionat, and somewhat more rebellious and boastfull in your attitude toward thing that have been created, and that includes Satan.
There is only one solution to darkness. You can shout at it, pray against it, etc. etc. but that won’t shift it. Its very simple. Turn on the light and darkness dissapears.
So can I encourage you blog about the wonderfull mercy Jesus has shown you rather than blogging about Satan, who after all is a created being, just like me and you.
Shine the light.

Ant said...

Hi James, thanks for your comments. When a liar eventually admits the truth it can be noteworthy and in the case where the one who is currently blinding the minds of unbelievers and speaking untold deception admits he's wrong (by confessing the Jesus Christ is Lord) It is to the GLory of the Father. Every Christian may know that Jesus Christ is Lord but have times when they act otherwise (speaking from personal experience here!). My intention is focus on the warfare we are in and maybe I have been lax in uplifting the King of here goes: He is the matchless one who defeated ALL powers at the cross of calvary. He who created the world then humbled himself, even to death and is now exalted to the highest. He is everything to me, more than my dear wife and darling children. I am encouraged and exhorted by the multitudes in heaven and in hell to preach the matchless Gospel of the Kingdom of God, the message of the new birth. Hallelujah.