Thursday, May 22, 2008


"He would not allow anyone to carry merchandise across the temple courts" Mark 11:16. How often have I carried "baggage" or "merchandise" into God's presence? God wants me to come just by myself before Him and not to trust in anyone or anything apart from HIm. I have bought the merchandise of "reason" and "the world" and foolishly thought that I can still serve him unfettered! It is for freedom that Christ has set us free! Walk free in HIm!

The photo shows Cian on Grafton Street tonight losing his life but getting blessed in the process and making an eternal impact on the Thursday night shoppers! Please note the new "UPCOMING OUTREACHES" Section to the left where I advise on the next time I'm out. Txt me on 087 9795454 and either join in or watch (and pray!). God Bless you. Ant

Saturday, May 17, 2008

Truly Innocent and Truly Guilty

"Who is the most important person in your life?" I asked the man after him spending the last 15 minutes forcibly telling me that the message of the Gospel is "Loooove". "My mother" he answered. "That's idolatry...It's good to love your mother but to put her before God is to break the first commandment!". Earlier in the evening I asked another chap "Do you think there was ever a time that Jesus sinned", "Sure he sinned" replid my friend. I then looked him in the eye and with pointed finger said "That a lie and the the devil is the father of lies. He was the innocent lamb of God who was slain for your sins and mine".

When I consider the incredible power and simplicity of the gospel (the innocent dying for the guilty) I realize that we need to make sure that people understand that Jesus was truly innocent as we are all truly guilty. As long as souls are separated don't stop outreaching! Ant

Monday, May 05, 2008

Stunned and Silent

As soon as I mounted my 2 foot high stool at 10.30pm last night in Temple Bar, with the name above all names lifted high and the guitar strapped across my back, I knew I was in for a riotous time. A group of revellers started shouting back but I, with the higher elevation and superior angelic backing, answered them back. About a hundred gathered to hear the encounter and stayed, with great interest to hear that there is no forgiveness... without the shedding of the innocent blood of Jesus. Kenny, the Irishman who preaches daily in Manila Phillipines was with me and he was not used to such irreverence for Jesus. Where sin abounds grace abounds!!

Later on while witnessing to a french atheist who was not short on words about his opinion on all things biblical I quietly listened..not to him but to the Holy Spirit while I asked Him who knows all men for a Word of Knowledge. Was it a sore knee, leg arm or side? " No" I sensed the Lord saying "but his chest". I cut across his speaking and asked "Do you have a pain in you chest". Instantly he went silent and wide eyed as he stared in shock at me. "God knows everything about you and He wants you to know Him personally. Jesus paid the punishment for you." I said, or words to that affect. He then moved on...stunned and silent.

God has His people in various parts of the world bring the gospel to the unchurched on the street...Please join us for the harvest is rich while the labourers are pitifully few. Don't feel condemned by this call but challenged. I asked Kenny how he started evangelising and he said that after he heard his pastor complain that he had so many tracts but no one to give them out he gingerly took 2 and passed them out with great nervousness....the rest is history for this Irishman on the streets of Manila (see photo)