Monday, August 11, 2008

A Wild Thought!

Here's a wild thought: Jesus rose from the dead! I have had people on the street get all serious and sincere on me, tilt their head and stare at me with "loving" concern while they softly and seductively ask "Do you really believe that?". Oh how the foul breath of the enemy permeated the mind and messages our unguarded thoughts in suggesting that we never really thought deeply enough about this cornerstone of our faith. Then I have felt the warm envigourating breath of God well up inside me as I proclaim to the "enquirer" "I do..really!".

Now fast forward your thoughts to an average religious service in Ireland or the western world where a professional minister with a head education exceeding his heart education, consumed and bedevilled with a philisophy of man centered humanism and a view of "god" created in man's image. Such a man or woman has an authority bestowed on him by fellow unregenerate sin enslaved man as oppose to by a Holy God. I have heard such ministers embrace the ways of this world in a shocking way and misrepresent God almighty with astonishing ignorance of the truth. They believe in the universal salvation of all..a most deadly and dangerous doctrine in the light of the fact that upon death ( a 100% statistic) eyes will be truly open to the depravity of man and the Holiness of God and His address (heaven). If Jesus walked the earth again today like he did before He would be again crucified by the Irish and other nations...don't doubt it or flatter yourself with the thought that we are "better". No we are better at covering up our rottenness, that's all.

We need the message proclaimed: The reconciliation of Love and Holiness. Jesus Himself took God's wrath when he clothed himself with all the sin of humanity. Your judgement was on you see why the resurrection matters! It proves Jesus was God, had no sin of HIs own and can forgive you while the justice of Holy God is satisfied. Without the shedding of (His) blood there is no forgiveness...No wonder the devil hates the resurrection!