Monday, July 26, 2010


Look how proud I am with the giant courgette I grew. Moments later we sliced it and was rotten on the inside and useless. It makes me think of how easily it is to be fooled by appearances. I cant speak of others but  know that apart from Jesus there is no good thing in me ...only rotten smelly mush like this courgette! I know the humanists would disagree and argue "man is basically good". Maybe good but not perfect and there lies the problem. We would all be outraged if a murderer was told by a "loving" judge that he was forgiven and could go home! We all want justice for others but go into denial when it comes to ourselves before Perfect (Holy) God! Either take your own punishment or believe that Jesus took it and turn to Him for a forgivenesss that can be given legally! Normal Fishing resumes this Saturday in Dublin City Centre, join me if you can!

Monday, July 05, 2010


Last weekend I declined 2 invitations to witness for Jesus. This was unusual but to be blunt i didn't quite feel up to it. The truth I now realize is that I had not of late spent much intimate time with jesus in the inner room, the very place where i receive the strength and the word and instruction I need. "What you have whispered in the ear in the inner rooms will be proclaimed from the roofs" Luke 12:3 might be talking about revelation of ungodly secrets but it also applies to Godly revelation we hear when we privately get with the King. Now that I am returning to this inner room I expect to be out upsetting the enemy in Dublin and beyond. Hallelujah! Photo shows people on Grafton Street listening to the Word of God. Comments are now moderated but I promise to upload all comments which relate to the blog content, even those I don't agree with like Darwin, Dawkins and Delusion (all pretty much the same thing!). What will be filtered out is spam!