Saturday, June 20, 2015


The outreach last night in Temple Bar between 11pm and 2am was rather eventful.  The place was buzzing and we had significantly more discussions about the Gospel than we have on an average afternoon outreach.  The "Good News for Ireland today" NT Bibles, kindly given to us by Paul and Nuala O'Higgins of Reconciliation Outreach were gratefully received by 2 different ladies.  One such lady, Cathleen, went away with Romans 10:9-10 underlined in hers and a big smile on her face as she surrendered all to our wonderful King.  The other lady left her friends in the pub after they had seen us on the street for a good while outside the window,  and were talking about Jesus.  She was tough at first but then softened and was amazed of her gift of the Word.
While most people were sent to us by God the enemy sent one in particular who was highly demonised and slimy in his attitude.  We learn every day how to handle such matters and I have to confess I was momentarily taken in by his mock sincerity....I'm learning!
When a Brazilian Christian lady was standing beside me and the Jesus sign to have her photo taken I asked her, with great sincerity, to pray for the land of Ireland and I promised to pray for her country.  Ireland needs the mercy of God.