Tuesday, June 11, 2013


Chris Rowe + Myself with music by Jim Feeley
After the king extended grace to the servant who owed him a fortune this same servant grabbed another person by the throat on the way home demanding that much smaller debt be settled. He had the unfortunate tossed in jail without mercy. Do we do this. You bet we do. Those who saw this were grieved and reported it to the king. Unforgiveness is grevious and a true scourge amongst humanity and, dare I say, some of God's people. We have been forgiven when Jesus extended grace and mercy to us when we deserved the judgement of law. Then we turn around and act legalistically towards others. Lord have mercy! Jesus came with grace and truth, can we in His name come any other way?  This message is for all the evangelists out there. Never forget his love and grace when administering truth to the people.