Wednesday, September 28, 2011


I heard it said that Islam has only 2 ways to get to heaven, one being try and have your good works exceed that of the strictest pharisees...lotsa luck!...and hopefully God will be in a good humour the day you die and have arbitrary mercy on you...(bit of a gamble to put it mildly!). The other way is to give your very life for God in Jihad or holy war, a more guaranteed method (if only it was true!). Contrast this with the way God revealed through His Word and by His Holy Spirit through Jesus, namely that God Himself in Christ would actually die for us, the (only) innocent for the guilty (all of us). Now perhaps you can understand the contrast between these 2 faiths and the utter foolishness of saying both "Jesus was a good man' and "Your good works will get you to heaven". Many nominal Christians sadly have their trust in their good works and not the Good King who bled for them...Think about it.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011


On the Pat Kenny radio show this morning there was a mini debate between atheist Michael Nugent and a chap called Migeul DeArce of TCD Genetics Institute. The title was 'That This House Believes in God' and Athiest Michael put the valid question to Miguel "When did man get a soul". Now the problem was that Miguel DeArce believes in both creation (God)  and evolution and so his answer was predictably low on substance. I have often stated on this blog that anything less than 7 day young earth creationism is inconsistent with Biblical truth (and plain false also by the way). Adam had no ape ancestry and had not only a soul (animals have that) but a spirit which made him, and the missus, different. It would be nice to see Pat get a YEC (Young Earth Creationist) believer to take on an atheist next time and not a theistic evolutionist who, by the way, does not believe in biblical truth. In the beginning God created.. is a trustworthy statement. The Bible talks about a liar but it's not the author.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011


When I witness on the street for Jesus I typically avoid distracting discussions, especially political ones where most people's views can be quite polarized and not for turning. I am however struck by the irony of the stance people are taking today in condemning violence (rightly so) and supporting the establishment of a state (Palestine) that has the destruction of it's neighbour in its charters. I couldn't wait for the Irish Times to publish my letter so here it is!:
Both Hamas and Fatah deny Israel the right to exist and continue to facilitate indiscriminate rocket launches against them. Despite this and the recognition of Hamas as a terrorist organization a large portion of the western world seems drunk on the idea of supporting them in their breakaway declaration of statehood. Ireland would be wise to take a stand in this lunacy and join USA, and perhaps other nations in standing up for what is right. If the IRA in the height of their violence campaign had declared some kind of a country while murdering protestant and other civilians would it have been right to give them a state of any description? I think not. The Irish peace process involved talk not breakaway declaration. Israel needs our support by us speaking out and voting in the UN against this lunacy at a time when ethical and moral blindness seems to be descending on the international body politic.
Yours sincerely, Anthony Brabazon....Comments are welcome but rants will be binned!

Friday, September 09, 2011


Gifts are received not earned, so too God's gift Jesus

Our latest 15 minute Pilgrim Talk podcast deals with the very basic of Christianity. Strip away all the incense and nonsense, smell and bells, religious forms, buildings...strip away every non-essential and what is left is not something but someone... Jesus. it not about "do" it's about "done"...done by Him for us. It's that simple. The enemy knows truth is not on his side so he likes to make simple things complicated in order to put people off. Check the message out under "Pilgrim talk Podcast" on the sidebar or better still, if you are an iTunes user (Steve forgave me for the last post!), go to the iTunes store and search for Pilgrim Talk and subscribe (for free of course).
Our planned launch on UCB Ireland radio has been delayed slightly but the exciting news is that UCB Ireland is now on FM from Friday to Sunday up to November 13th. Frequencies are Dublin 94.3 Galway 89.5 Limerick 105.5 COrk 106.7 Wexford/Waterford 103.8