Saturday, December 31, 2011


Beware of new year resolutions! I say this becuase the greater danger for believers is that they put the focus on their ability at the cost of "learning the unforced rhythms of grace" and receiving Jesus's supernatural help in everyday matters. I know I could lose a few pounds and apply more discipline in a few areas but is a simplisic resolution to do this going to help? I think not. In fact it could prove counter- productive in that I would set off the long distance race with a great sprint of enthusiasm only to collapse in failure and disillusionment.
With increasing chaos in the world around us surely this year, like last year, can be a year of greater intimacy with God Himself. When we are close to Him we know our own worth. Think of this. Value is determined by the price one can obtain for something. I might want to seel my car but if nobody wants it at all it has no value, beyond scrap. If on the orther hand it was a unique high value vintage car attracting great interest it could be worth a lot of money. How much is a person worth? (that is: you and me). God our creator gave up His most precious only Son Jesus, His very life, for you and me and this act demonstrated beyond doubt that God sees us as priceless.
Have you ever noticed how people change when they stop feeling worthless and start to see themselves lved and valued. It is quite awesome. Surely this good news (Gospel) we have has such power to change people.

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Modern day account of Jesus...

Jesus walks into a Church (2011)...starts to move in the power of the spirit, couple of people get out of wheelchairs, and a few people recieve their sight... people are amazed and overjoyed...However after a short time the some people get very upset...Guess who they are? , yes, right first time The Pastor and his elders..." Who does this guy think he is" they mutter between themselves..and the Pastor, bless God, decides to signal to his ushers, quickly they approach this unshaven rebel, and ask him to leave. "Show some respect" they say as they escort him off the premises.. A religious lull returns over the congregation,"doesn't he know we have a service to run in here" , they whisper at the front of the Church, as they return to a form of Godliness that deny's the power... Does this remind you of any particular Characters in scripture...?

Outside the crowd gathers, five times the size of the Church as the rebel preaches the message  has power and Authority, not like the ones they are used to.. as the "leaders off the Church come out and hear Him, they are infuriated, as some of "their people", are listening as well as all these people...Who are you submitted to or(by what authority do you do these things).. one of the leaders shouts out.. I do nothing unless, I first see my father doing it first..who are you submitted to, I am in Him and he is in me..
That's complete independence, your off man , they shout as they depart..
But the people remain, and many are healed ....And his followers grow....

The situation worsens, to the extend that many have joined this new sect, the Church leaders are worried and upset , and they have all lost many, of "their people", to this loose canon , who does'nt seem to want to submit himself , to anyone, except the Holy Spirit..He wont even relate to us, and we don't relate to him...
probably because we are of a totally different spirit..

They plot and plan.......

Modern day Pharisees
Author-Sean Cronin

Wednesday, September 28, 2011


I heard it said that Islam has only 2 ways to get to heaven, one being try and have your good works exceed that of the strictest pharisees...lotsa luck!...and hopefully God will be in a good humour the day you die and have arbitrary mercy on you...(bit of a gamble to put it mildly!). The other way is to give your very life for God in Jihad or holy war, a more guaranteed method (if only it was true!). Contrast this with the way God revealed through His Word and by His Holy Spirit through Jesus, namely that God Himself in Christ would actually die for us, the (only) innocent for the guilty (all of us). Now perhaps you can understand the contrast between these 2 faiths and the utter foolishness of saying both "Jesus was a good man' and "Your good works will get you to heaven". Many nominal Christians sadly have their trust in their good works and not the Good King who bled for them...Think about it.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011


On the Pat Kenny radio show this morning there was a mini debate between atheist Michael Nugent and a chap called Migeul DeArce of TCD Genetics Institute. The title was 'That This House Believes in God' and Athiest Michael put the valid question to Miguel "When did man get a soul". Now the problem was that Miguel DeArce believes in both creation (God)  and evolution and so his answer was predictably low on substance. I have often stated on this blog that anything less than 7 day young earth creationism is inconsistent with Biblical truth (and plain false also by the way). Adam had no ape ancestry and had not only a soul (animals have that) but a spirit which made him, and the missus, different. It would be nice to see Pat get a YEC (Young Earth Creationist) believer to take on an atheist next time and not a theistic evolutionist who, by the way, does not believe in biblical truth. In the beginning God created.. is a trustworthy statement. The Bible talks about a liar but it's not the author.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011


When I witness on the street for Jesus I typically avoid distracting discussions, especially political ones where most people's views can be quite polarized and not for turning. I am however struck by the irony of the stance people are taking today in condemning violence (rightly so) and supporting the establishment of a state (Palestine) that has the destruction of it's neighbour in its charters. I couldn't wait for the Irish Times to publish my letter so here it is!:
Both Hamas and Fatah deny Israel the right to exist and continue to facilitate indiscriminate rocket launches against them. Despite this and the recognition of Hamas as a terrorist organization a large portion of the western world seems drunk on the idea of supporting them in their breakaway declaration of statehood. Ireland would be wise to take a stand in this lunacy and join USA, and perhaps other nations in standing up for what is right. If the IRA in the height of their violence campaign had declared some kind of a country while murdering protestant and other civilians would it have been right to give them a state of any description? I think not. The Irish peace process involved talk not breakaway declaration. Israel needs our support by us speaking out and voting in the UN against this lunacy at a time when ethical and moral blindness seems to be descending on the international body politic.
Yours sincerely, Anthony Brabazon....Comments are welcome but rants will be binned!

Friday, September 09, 2011


Gifts are received not earned, so too God's gift Jesus

Our latest 15 minute Pilgrim Talk podcast deals with the very basic of Christianity. Strip away all the incense and nonsense, smell and bells, religious forms, buildings...strip away every non-essential and what is left is not something but someone... Jesus. it not about "do" it's about "done"...done by Him for us. It's that simple. The enemy knows truth is not on his side so he likes to make simple things complicated in order to put people off. Check the message out under "Pilgrim talk Podcast" on the sidebar or better still, if you are an iTunes user (Steve forgave me for the last post!), go to the iTunes store and search for Pilgrim Talk and subscribe (for free of course).
Our planned launch on UCB Ireland radio has been delayed slightly but the exciting news is that UCB Ireland is now on FM from Friday to Sunday up to November 13th. Frequencies are Dublin 94.3 Galway 89.5 Limerick 105.5 COrk 106.7 Wexford/Waterford 103.8

Sunday, August 28, 2011


Steve Jobs and iPad

Why were Steve Jobs and Apple so successful? My suspicion is that they looked at problems differently to others and thought "What do people need?".  For example when a digital camera, mobile phone were stuffing peoples pockets they merged them and added an internet and email device in the first iPhone. When desks were cluttered with monitors computers and modems they put them in one device, the first iMac. When computers required much knowledge of code to operate they invented the "point and shoot device" called the Mouse. Mac followers can be a bit "cultish" and nerdy but good design is always attractive ( I would say that as an architect!) . A seamless marriage of form and function  can prove irresistable at times. There is however much irony in the fact that Jobs is, reportedly, a buddhist, and not a spirit filled believer in Jesus. The irony is this: Buddhists believe that the ultimate goal, following all the reincarnations, is ...wait for it..."Blowing out" (Nirvana). It's hard to square this up with a man who reflected so much of his Maker's creativity. It's also sad that one could be bestowed with so much gifting and never acknowledge the Giver. I'm only judging him by what I read and I may of course be wrong, sorry Steve! but the same might be said of many others who have no time for the Father, Son nor Holy Spirit. All that said I do wish him well and that he  turns to meet my ressurrected and glorified friend Jesus.

Thursday, August 25, 2011

God's Corrupted Book: Nature

King Bird of Paradise photographed by Tim Laman  
I have heard it said that God has two books: The Bible and Nature. This was said in the context of a seminar which was trying to reconcile Evolution with God the creator. God does indeed have these 2 books but one of them (nature) is corrupted while the other isn't. The corruption entered with sin and rebellion and so reading God in nature has now become a hazardous occupation. Computers leaving factories are quality checked and in one sense "perfect". Yet after a bit of use and internet activity they can before infected with virus' and be less than perfect. It would be wrong to struggle with  a virus ridden computer and then ring the manufacturers to complain...It simply wasn't their fault. Many however blame God for the mess of this planet, be it the savagery in nature or humanity or the cruelty of painful illnesses and death. This is wrong. Mankind is to blame. I am to blame. You are to blame. The perfect Book said that when God created everything it was "Very Good".

Tuesday, August 16, 2011


An iconic image of the recent riots

The recent London riots were a stark reminder about (fallen) human nature. On  a normal day a normal person behaves himself ( or herself). But on those rare occasions where it enters peoples heads that they can "get away with" getting something (like a telly) for nothing then all hell breaks loose. A few years ago there was some ugly violence when some hooligans ripped up the old Lansdowne Road stadium. Months later when they appeared in the Dublin courts they turned out to be neatly dressed professionals, a far cry from the thugs caught on camera on the night. It was the mob dynamic that made them feel invincible (and uncatchable) on the night. 
True character is what you do when nobody is looking. Few have good character. The humanists who have been arguing about the "goodness of man" really haven't a clue. Pull away the restraint and see what happens! Many middle class people might have abhorred the street violence (rightly so) but are happy to cheat taxes (steal).  For most the external policeman keeps them under control but God's ultimate plan was that HIs Spirit would be within us and instead of sweating to try and keep His law we would have a "new heart" and want nothing else but to please Him at all times. David Cameron was right when he spoke of slow breakdown of society. The ground is ripe for revival and reformation according to God's ways, not ours.

Monday, August 01, 2011


As a family we are suffering a pet bereavement. Of course it's different to the loss of a loved person but it remains painful. Why? Some well meaning but not well informed people say that death is part of life but as regenerated followers of Jesus we have a different conviction and it's like this: Our wonderful Creator made life while death is no less than an obscene enemy. It entered when our first ancesters defied their Creator and it will be the last enemy thrown into the lake of fire at the end of time as we know it. Death is painful to those left behind as they feel loss and separation, not the original design. I seriously worry about the implications of the belief that death is simply part of the "circle of life" process. It implies that the Creator made death...perish the thought! My God is not a cruel monster who designed flesh ripping savage animals, no, he made peaceable pet like animals without fear who suffered a corruption along with the rest of creation once man broke fellowship with God. Thank God that He restores the original order and soon the lion will lie down with the lamb and death will be no more...What a thought...and all because He took on Himself my death (and yours) at Golgotha not that long ago...All that said we do miss Rosie our dog!

Saturday, July 30, 2011


God has buried the message of the Gospel in the names of the 12 patriarchs from Adam to Noah. The message is Genesis chapter 5: Man [Adam] (is) appointed [Seth] mortal [Enosh] sorrow [Kenan]; (but) the Blessed God [Mehalalel] shall come down [Jared] teaching [Enosh] (that) His death shall bring [Methuselah] (the) despairing [Lamech] rest [Noah].  No wonder the enemy hates Genesis!

Tuesday, July 12, 2011


Correct but politically incorrect: More people died in USA on September 11th 2001 in Abortion clinics than at the World Trade Centre but there wasn't a whimper about that atrocity on September 11th nor 12th nor 13th! I wonder why? I can't help wondering was it something to do with the evolutionary world view that prevails in media whereby extra bugs, stray cats and unborn babies are simply "got rid of". And why not if "every man can do what is right in his own eyes".  Moral relativism (MR) (ie the denial of the creator God) is a deadly cancer in our so called "civilized" western society. It wasn't MR anyway that saw the foundations of our society and freedom from slavery, it was largely God fearing men and women who stood up to godless injustice. When Adam sinned he was saying "God's word is not true" and his deadly action lead to a corruption that affected both mankind and the rest of creation. God didn't make this world, He made a perfect world which was "very good" and Mankind then corrupted it. No wonder we had September 11th, and 12th and 13th. Far too many "Christians" are soft on evolution and believe that God used it somehow to bring about Adam and Eve. If this was true then God is both a murderer and a liar...I think not. Despite all the rottenness and evil in this world the Creator out of love for us rebels chose to send His only beloved to earth as the only innocent and have Him take the legal punishment for you and me. Death and hell He took to save you from death and hell and restore the proper loving relationship He dearly wishes. Your life or death choice. Cheers. AB.  The picture shows the soon to be opened 9-11 memorial at Ground Zero a dignified memorial to a very wicked act.

Tuesday, June 28, 2011


This Friday at 9pm a small group of us will do some "night fishing" in Temple Bar square. It was at night on a city street (New York 1984) where I first spoke to evangelists and understood that the purpose of Jesus' death was to personally take my sin and have it legally paid for by His own death. This encounter partly explains why I like to share at night. I am also aware of the fact that many go out at night looking for life (in the wrong places of course!) and it's good to be there with the Truth (a person). Of all things I am aware of I am most acutely aware of my utter inability to go out, share, worship, preach and publicly lift up Jesus' name (literally) without the help of the precious Holy Spirit. I am also aware of the need of prayer support and perhaps this is where you come in!
The photo is of me on Grafton Street a few weeks ago. I wore the hat when I spoke of Holy God judging sin and I took it off as I spoke of loving God wanting our fellowship. I explained how this paradox was reconciled at Calvary.

Friday, June 24, 2011


2 doors seem to be opening for Christian Radio for myself. The first is my second appearance on John Manning's God Talk show 4pm Sunday (3 weeks time) on Near FM in Dublin. John has had this slot for over 10 years and has developed a following of thousands. He spends much of the week taking calls and ministering to people who otherwise have little or no Christian contact. Being on a "secular" station excites me!
The other door opening is to do with the transformation of the Pilgrim Talk podcast (see link at side), which I do with David O'Rourke, into a regular Christian Radio show in Ireland and perhaps for export. There is a welcome increase in Irish produced Christian talk radio programmes and with UCB Ireland going on FM in September even more opportunities are opening up. 
The cynical people might see Radio work as a big fat ego trip. I don't. I see it as a very real work of faith because you do not see the listeners yet you broadcast the word of God believing someone somewhere will be or might be changed. Research in Ireland show how popular radio remains despite all the new technology. 
Ireland needs a saviour and His name is not EU nor ECB nor IMF nor USA but JESUS.

Sunday, June 19, 2011


Yesterday we went out to Temple Bar in Dublin to witness and preach. Crowds were large and very cosmopolitan, as one expects here. Although we spent a good time lifting up the wonderful Name above all names we had a limited discussions with people. I did however have a chat with a very foul mouthed Lithuanian who had strong anti-biblical opinions. When his 3 mates came along I said to the friends "You should talk to your friend here... He doesn't realize that he was wonderfully created by God, he actually thinks he came from a monkey!" His friends burst out laughing at this and showed interest in the "Monkey tract" I was passing out. The original chap tried to intercept this and didn't want his friends to have anything to do with it...but God had better plans.
I can only pray that our good Lord uses this encounter to begin to bring conviction of sin to them all. Indeed I could see in the street for most if not all the afternoon that we were in great need for the fire of God to fall on the people. I'm not in any way against those who call for the Holy Spirit's fire in the churches but I find astonishingly few call for it on the streets. Will you join me in this cry to heaven?
The photo is of a current billboard for a new computer game but sadly it is also representative of the attitude of the church (...and mine sometimes!). We have swallowed the worlds' lie that we should "Do what we feel". How about doing what He feels.
On Friday week  we are from 9pm doing some nightime evangelism in Temple Bar. Contact me if you are free to join. Labourers wanted! Observers welcome and Intercessors (on or off street) greatly appreciated.

Wednesday, May 25, 2011


  • Dangerous pastime!
    I posted this today in response to a God Journey broadcast called:Ultimate Reconciliation: The Hell with it! podcast of 8-5-2009. With Rob Bell's recent book it seems as Hell is being hushed up again (not a good idea). I'm genuinely not into Christians sniping at each other so lets be declare here how much I love the God Journey and if they veer off the road a wee bit...Bless them Lord!! I hope they'd bless me and not blast me if I too were to drift onto dodgy ground. Here's the text:
    Brad / Wayne, I love the God Journey but I wonder have you swung the pendulum too far on this one. The greek mindset speaks of either/or while the Hebrew mindset speaks of on the one hand this/ on the other hand that. It is in this context that we can begin to understand the reconciliation between the Love of God (which suggests all go to heaven)  and the Holiness of God (which suggests hell for all). The cross brings sense to all this (while being an offense to the universalists). Jesus went to hell, like all who died before him (though some were kept safe in Abraham's bosom) and the hope of escape is in Him alone. When you raise children you seek to lovingly encourage and coax them to do good but there are times of severe warnings also. Such warnings do not deny our love for them but recognizes the grave consequences of ongoing defiance. We live in an unredeemed humanistic world where God is simply seen as a means to an end (happiness and heaven) and not an end in HImself (to be worshipped). The average unredeemed person has no desire for an eternity of worship. SIn brings punishment to people on this earth and many call it their hell yet the truth is that this is their heaven while for those who follow Jesus in the new life this beautiful but fallen planet is their hell (relatively speaking). I understand where you are coming from but would respectfully suggest that we should not only warn of hell while speaking of the wonders of our saviour but do so with love in our heart and tears in our eyes. God takes no pleasure in seeing any person ending up in  a Christless place which was not even created for them, a place of no grace. I met Jesus at aged 23 and I know that I deserve hell and would have gone there had I died before my new birth ("perished' as referred to in John 3:16) I was drawn in by God's love but stepped into HIs kingdom over the threshold of a godly repentance from sin (all by His grace).  Let me know your thoughts. Keep up the good work. Your brother in Jesus from Ireland Anthony

Tuesday, May 24, 2011


The British Centre for Science Education (an anti-Creation athiest lobby group) support a campaign and petition to get any discussion of creation science removed even from religious education classes (in UK). They call it "CRISIS" (Creationism in School isn't science). Of course they forgot to insert the word "evolutionary" before science.
If this group, and their fellow Evolution supporters, are right then Jesus was a liar, the cross was meaningless and God's word can't be trusted. Personally I know Him to be the Truth, His Word reliable and the Cross and resurrection to be the Power of God manifest on earth. I find that science (not evolutionary science) supports the Genesis account. I appreciate that it is easy for either side in the debate to get emotional and just slag off the other. This seems to be what happened when Thomas Huxley debated Darwin's theory to the British Association for the advancement of science in Oxford in 1860 and had Biship Wilberforce insult him! Soon after this scientific opinion swung to the current evolutionary view.
Creation as we see it today is far from perfect and this is due to the corruption from sin and not an evolutionary act in motion!  The heart of mankind is rotten (until God intervenes and renews) and time and chance only make bad things worse. The photo is of Barack Obama today saying "Yes we can" . He's probably referring to dividing up the land of Israel (Joel 3:2) or the like (no wonder we had the windiest day ever recorded in Ireland today and he was forced to leave early by an oncoming ash cloud).  

Saturday, May 21, 2011


You can now go to the side panel and click on "Pilgrim Talk Podcast" and then subscribe to the podcast (through iTunes)  to hear myself and David O'Rourke ("Ant and Dave") in conversation about walking with God in the 21st Century. Episode 6 has a interview with PJ Hanley, Ireland's chief export to USA! We had a fab theme tune in the early episodes but the technology, and my exhausted computer, was proving too cumbersome to insert so it got dropped! Happy listening! Ant

Tuesday, May 03, 2011


Dublin is a better city because of Street Preacher Dessie. He has a heart of gold and when he shares the Gospel of Jesus Christ he does it with a deep care for the hearers, even though he has to inform them of the dire consequences of their Christ-less existence. As a street preacher myself I know how important this is. We do not judge people but often pronounce God's judgment over those who reject Him. This we can't do in a heartless way. We don't preach to justify ourselves but to portray Christ who justifies the sinner. I have often listened to Dessie stop his message to engage with people, as he is doing in this photo. Many people think street preaches are simply angry people and yet testify to their approachability and grace in a one to one conversation. If you are reading this and are a bit unsure of the next street preacher let me encourage you to wait until he or she is finished and then talk to them, you will be pleasantly surprised I expect. In the meantime be glad that we live in a free country where the Geneva convention is actually practiced and Jesus is lifted high (on occasion!).

Sunday, April 24, 2011


If you walked the length of North Earl Street and Henry Street in Dublin yesterday you would have encountered 4 different groups of Christians sharing the gospel. We were the eastern most of the 4 and the message, delivered by my favourite street preacher, was about the cost of God, in the crucifixion of His beloved son. A few props were employed but it seemed to be the hammer in her hand that gripped the attention of many! There was stong reaction to the idea that God can't simply forgive with out a price being paid. I reckon about 30 or 40 people gathered to hear the message and I believe it is a foretaste of what is to come as we continue to bring the undluted gospel to the people. Pray for Dublin and Ireland. We are in need of a great awakening! The photo is of Jim on O'Connell Street with Wayne Rooney trying to make his mind up!

Saturday, March 19, 2011


I learnt an interesting lesson today while witnessing on a crazy St Patrick's day on Grafton Street. Lee-Anne asked for a healing prayer for her cough when she was with five of her friends who were asking me tons of questions about Jesus. I asked for a miracle and her first words were mocking words "Hallelujah I'm healed". I told her not to mock... but then asked her if to take a deep breath and tell me if the symptoms had gone. They had. Her entire attitude changed and she sponged up the truth of God's love for her at Calvary. What I learnt is... Not to get angry nor to judge too quickly. Jesus Himself did not judge by what his eye saw nor His ear heard. Hallelujah! Ant

Sunday, February 06, 2011


NASA has recently discovered many planets where life might be possible. I think not. With all due respect to my budget guzzling evolutionary friends I would venture to suggest that they make a large assumption that bioligical and indeed human life just "happens" if conditions are right...I think not. Even a child understands cause and effect and that life comes Imagine if a planet was discovered identical to earth with an identical sun (suspend you rational thinking about probability to get this far in itself!). Now you have a dead empty planet. Add water and you now have..a still dead empty planet. Without the alchemy of "evolution" ( a dogmatic fairy tale for adults which any non-indoctinated kid knows is as scientific as the emperor's new clothes) the dead planet stays dead.
Dear friends let me venture to suggest that what we see around us in nature and astronomy is Thank God I don't have a university post to be fired from! Oh and by the way there is life beyond the galaxies. It's mentioned in the book of Ephesians Chapter 4 verse 10. Google it!

Saturday, February 05, 2011


Once upon a time Ireland was know as the land of saints and scholars. Education standards here are pretty good today so perhaps we are still a land of scholars...but sadly we have become a land on "Aints and Scholars" as God is largely ignored among most people. With a general election campaign underway and much national debate about Economics happening I decide to quietly prepare a list of questions for candidates before they came to the door. The questions were quite simple and direct and covered the following issues: Abortion, The Constitution, Environment (obsession), Europe, Government size, Homosexuality, Israel and Seanead (proposed senate abolition). I should get an idea of how God fearing they are by their answers.
I am also aware that we should pray for our leaders and perhaps when they call and I shake their hand I'll hold on and ask them if they'd like me to pray a prayer of blessing for them...that might be a first in their experience. My good friend Tomas Kennedy told me that he was in the past helping a Christian upholsterer hang curtains in the Dail chamber and at the back of the curtains were written in Irish "Righteousness exalts a nation"(ref. Proverbs 14:34).
I heard today that  a prominent journalist who had acted as a foreign correspondent for BBC and had seen horrible things said that he "lost his faith in humanity". The sad news is that he had to see such horror but the good news is that he is on the first rung of salvation which is: Understanding that man is not good. The second step is: Understanding I am not good! it all make sense why Jesus willingly died, namely, the only good man dying for us baddies to satisfy Holy God's justice. Food for thought.

Saturday, January 22, 2011


After a turbulent few weeks where I went through some test (pre-requisite to a testimony!) I found myself with my good friend Jim witnessing for Jesus in Liffey Street on Dublin's northside this afternoon. After being approached by a chap who spoke of spirituality, without a relationship with Jesus, I asked if anyone ever gave their lives for him. Amazingly he said a friend of his did. I said that that was what Jesus also did but that His death meant we had access to forgiveness because of the payment made for our shameful sins. He soon asked what he should do. I said that for too long people have been telling you what to do but that I believed he knew himself what to do. I offered to join him in prayer to receive Jesus but I was prompted by God to not lead him in the words. He shook my hand, asked God's forgiveness and ended up confessing Jesus as his Lord. To God be all the glory.

A while later another chap approached and he too turned to the King. Did I get their numbers for "follow up": No. Do I care about their spiritual well being: Yes . Times have changed in many respects and we live in an information age where most have ready access to online Bibles and information about Christian gatherings etc.. I gave both these people gospel tracts I had written and pointed out my name and mobile for texting or ringing. My experience is that they never do but I do trust that they continue to walk with God...That's what counts! What remains of primary importance... in my humble opinion... is that as witnesses for Jesus we simply introduce people to our best friend and not simply to a church system where the focus of their dependence is not on the King Himself.

The photo was taken on the Curragh (where I come from) and reminds me of the scripture in Isaiah 53 :"We all like sheep have gone astray, each has turned to his own way but the Lord has laid on Him the iniquity of us all"