Saturday, August 22, 2009


Tonight I felt led to go into town (Dublin) at 1130 pm for evangelism. I felt drawn to Temple Bar and it was in its usual sodomite nighttime mode. Instead of tut-tutting the situation I was filled with God's love for a lost people. I settled on the corner of Temple Bar and Eustace Street where there was much pedestrian and taxi traffic and held up the name of JESUS. God graciously reached out his hand to heal a Hernia (after a word of knowledge), an achilles tendon problem and a headache from peole from Ireland, Italy and Germany. The Hernia was quite awesome but my deepest passion is that greater conviction of sin will come and heart transformations ensue. Before I went in I was considering how many promise us they will "come to church" on Sunday and never show. I believe the Lord wants us to meet one to one with new believers first and not expect them to come on their own to us. Remember we must GO not just be expecting them to come! Remember also we have no power of our own but are dlivery boys for the wonderous power and message of God!

Thursday, August 20, 2009


Why do we lift up the name of "JESUS" in public places? To many its foolishness but to those whom God is calling it is the power of God! We were in Kilkenny last Saturday and I remember speaking to a group of 5 lads who were rather curious about the sign. I believe they were less curious in their heads and more challenged in their hearts after they heard the simple Gospel of Calvery and chatted amongs themselves about the 2 of the 5 who received instant miracles of healing (injured foot and bruised ribs). For the sceptical Christians who scoff at miracles please be assured that I informed the 2 who were healed that these miracles were no comparison to the miracle of a new heart and a new spirit such as Jesus offers. The message God gave me to preach on High Street was "Did God make a mistake in sending Jesus to the Cross?" I explained that if humanism and effort based religion was true then He did make a mistake...but if the only way to heaven was by faith is the matchless innocent blood of Jesus..then He didn't!