Friday, March 26, 2010


As I set about hoovering Elijah's chariot (our car) in preparation for our micro mission to Drogheda tomorrow with Jim, Julius, Andrea and my dear wife I feel honoured to co-labour with Derek Lynch and the dear saints from The Royal Embassy in the town. The above photos come from our recent St Patrick's day outing. Ireland is in desperate need for a new pentecost, revival and spiritual awakening. Pray and seek His face and He will heal this land...It's a promise we can rely on! Ant

Wednesday, March 17, 2010


Today, St Patrick's Day, was probably the busiest day of evangelism I've ever had. We (myself and Jim) were only out on Grafton street for about 2 hours but large numbers asked us questions...and they were all about Jesus (Of course we were holding up signs with His name!). At one stage I noticed how the groups (typically 4 or 5) waited until the previous group moved on before they stepped forward with their questions. At one stage a "smart alec" jumped up and grabbed my sign and sprinted off. I simply reached into my pocket and took out another sign to which the bemused onlooking crowd cheered. For the first time I began to ask the Father to send HIs Holy Spirit and cause the Fire of God to fall on the street....and why not! We are long overdue a new pentecost. Join me in prayer to this end.


At last I remembered to actually record some street preaching. It seems like I'm shouting but that's because the street was noisy and I wanted to be heard!
Ireland was nearly bankrupt recently but guess what: Heaven was bankrupted when the Father sent the Son to this earth. Listen to the message on the right....and enjoy!

Friday, March 12, 2010


No area of science is so unashamedly dumb as the Theory of Evolution. It defies scientific laws and norms, dogmatically states as fact unproven assumptions and violently opposes opponents in a manner that makes North Korea look like a free country. It is like the mathematician who dedicated his life to finding out what 2 plus 2 was but had willfully chosen, or been deceived, that in no circumstances could 4 be considered. An infinitely complex cosmos and micro cosmos by chance and not design? A must for the evolutionist. Probability doesn't matter because the existence of an intelligent creator must be resisted at all costs. And does it matter says you, oh lukewarm humanist christian whether GOd used evolution or not? Absolutely because either Man brought death or death brought man. The former meant that Jesus as perfect Man through death could bring "Life" while the latter means...We are all hopeless animals. No wonder some behave that way with all the LIES taught in Schools, Media and in (Evolutionary) science. The conclusion of Evolution is amorality and a resulting disintegration of the very fabric of our civilized society, nothing less.

Friday, March 05, 2010


People are leaving the Catholic Church but don't know where to go. Many believe in God and want to do the right thing but feel somewhat betrayed by the systematic child abuse cover up over the years. I hereby announce: THE ALTERNATIVE CATHOLIC CHURCH (ACC) and say you are welcome!! In the apostles creed the line "I believe in one holy catholic and apostolic church" is used by anglicans as well as RC's. Catholic means "universal" in this context. The ACC is for all. Membership is written in heaven, not earth. Google "The Lamb's book of life" and see what I am on about. The qualifying work for entry is done by another (Jesus at Calvary). The members are all over the place, including Ireland! Some public, some secret but all passionately in love with their Creator. Members have to go through a new birth process which is supernatural and done by God himself but requires their surrender to him, a huge barrier for many because of pride and unbelief. Want to know more? Post a comment below and ask a question, email me (Anthony) or cut me out of the loop, close your bedroom door, get on your knees and ask Jesus himself... YOu will be utterly astounded at how the answer comes! Cheers.