Friday, May 04, 2012


I often ask people "Why did Jesus die on the cross?"
"Because he loved us"...Well I love my wife but I wont jump in front of the Luas to prove it, that's stupid!
"Because the Romans nabbed Him"...He was the creator of the universe and had power to save himself, yet He willingly went like a lamb to the slaughter. He even told the guy who ratted on Him (Judas) to go do his thing! (not something you normally tell a betrayer to do!)
"Because He wanted to prove a point"...He was already God almighty, the miracles proved that.
"Because He wanted it"....Why then did he ask the Father to take away this cup of suffering from Him at the Garden of Getsemane? In Himself He didn't want crucifixion but He obeyed His Father in becoming the acceptable sacrifice for sin.

The true answer can only be understood when we realize that God is Holy and the only ever truly innocent person Jesus took it on the neck for you and me who broke God's perfect law (lying, stealing etc..). The Hebrew scriptures say that anyone hung on   tree is cursed. He became a curse for us so that we could be set free from the curse of sin.  Without Jesus and His forgiveness we are truly GUILTY...Yikes!