Saturday, March 31, 2007

"You are riddled with sin but He loves you and wants to set you free"

"Your entire life is an offense against God. You are riddled with sin but He loves you and wants to set you free" I said "will you kneel down with me on the street now and ask Jesus to forgive you?" I said and Tom replied "I will". Heaven met earth today at 6pm on Grafton street as the bemused masses passed by no doubt wondering what these 4 people were doing on their
knees with heads bowed in prayer. The creator of the universe was meeting them and they didn't care what anyone thought. Humility opened the door for God's grace and presence. it was a sweet moment and one of eternal significance for both Tom and those who are yet to encounter God through whatever ministry He has for him.

Before this encounter the word was publicly proclaimed preached and sung. Boy does the enemy hate God's praises being sung (check out Psalm 149 to find out why!). Myself and the 3 other team members prayed together on the street before it was proclaimed that there is no other saviour, no other gospel, no other God who offers forgiveness only Jesus. It pleased the Father to crush the Son for our redemption. How can we neglect such a great salvation.

The photo at the top is of John preaching 2 weeks ago on Patrick's day and stopping to answer an enquirer. Oliver told John later that when preaching it's best to not stop for individuals. Although we can't make rules but have to be led by the Holy Spirit in all we do we ned to be mindful that the enemy can send people to have the preaching stopped....christians and unbelivers alike!

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