Saturday, January 22, 2011


After a turbulent few weeks where I went through some test (pre-requisite to a testimony!) I found myself with my good friend Jim witnessing for Jesus in Liffey Street on Dublin's northside this afternoon. After being approached by a chap who spoke of spirituality, without a relationship with Jesus, I asked if anyone ever gave their lives for him. Amazingly he said a friend of his did. I said that that was what Jesus also did but that His death meant we had access to forgiveness because of the payment made for our shameful sins. He soon asked what he should do. I said that for too long people have been telling you what to do but that I believed he knew himself what to do. I offered to join him in prayer to receive Jesus but I was prompted by God to not lead him in the words. He shook my hand, asked God's forgiveness and ended up confessing Jesus as his Lord. To God be all the glory.

A while later another chap approached and he too turned to the King. Did I get their numbers for "follow up": No. Do I care about their spiritual well being: Yes . Times have changed in many respects and we live in an information age where most have ready access to online Bibles and information about Christian gatherings etc.. I gave both these people gospel tracts I had written and pointed out my name and mobile for texting or ringing. My experience is that they never do but I do trust that they continue to walk with God...That's what counts! What remains of primary importance... in my humble opinion... is that as witnesses for Jesus we simply introduce people to our best friend and not simply to a church system where the focus of their dependence is not on the King Himself.

The photo was taken on the Curragh (where I come from) and reminds me of the scripture in Isaiah 53 :"We all like sheep have gone astray, each has turned to his own way but the Lord has laid on Him the iniquity of us all"