Thursday, July 26, 2007

To the Waters and the Wild!

Suresh came recently to Ireland from Mauritius. As a Hindu he had paid much money and prayed long prayers to countless "gods" to seek answers but when Jesus reached him it was quite supernatural and he surrendered to the King of Kings. God led him to Ireland, to Fás, to Jobcare, to John McKeever, to Trinity Church, to us, and today to the waters of Baptism where the old dead Suresh was cut off and was last seen floating somwhere between the Half Moon Swimming Club in Poolbeg and the Isle of Man!! To God be ALLLLL the Glory!

Saturday, July 21, 2007

Baptised in water

...And so today's fishing ended in the ocean near RIngsend where another saint got baptised in God be the glory!!

The "God Squad" on YouTube!

Not my best preaching but this was spotted on you tube. The Police van came that day because the Legion of Mary complained! Also in the video are Anjola, John, Maurice (with shirt!) and Frank. To God be the glory! look at "God Squad on YouTube" under "Links worth Checking out" on the right!

Friday, July 20, 2007

A Prophetic Act in Mullingar!

After I finished my work in Mullingar I want back to my car and asked God for a fresh infilling of HIs Holy Spirit. I had a leading to lift up the "Jesus" sticker but boy did I need the courage. Then God showed me 2 trees in front of me and let me know that it was the magnificaent creator of all thingas that I I didn't feel so small. He also let me know that noboody else was going to lift up his name in this town today. So I went to the busiest junction(outside McDonalds) and with much trembling lifted up the newly laminated sign. The signpost to heaven. IMMEDIATELY I felt a huge wave of joy and encouragement. I eyeballed the drivers in the traffic jam and the people on the pavements. Spiritual war broke out and I was on the winning side. From a great distance people stopped and looked, some mystified, some smiling, some hiding their faces (see Isiaah 52 for that!) A group of teens asked me what it was about and heard why Jesus went to the cross for them! It was only an hour of fishing, some nibbles but none landed, yet God alone knows the effect of this silent proclamation in a sleepy midland town. TO lift up the name above all names over the towns of Ireland is a prophetic act! Even the Irish constitution recognises HIm as the supreme authority...What about you?

Saturday, July 14, 2007

Miracles are the dinner bell of salvation!

"Can I stand with you?" asked Paul. When we replied in the affermative he then took his position behind the John 3:7 sign at 1.30am this July night. What is remarkable is the fact that Deborah who was on her first night out with us had prayed with him only minutes earlier and he had humbled himself before the Lord and received the new birth. The fact that he immediately wanted to identify with the people of God was remarkable, yet should we be surprised? Others receive prayer for salvation and yet the true results are with the Lord. Greg and Tony joined us from Trinity and I was quite bowled over by the Holy Spirit wisdom Greg had in graciously explaining to an enquirer why the unredeemed can't make it to heaven !

On Saturday afternoon we again had a huge number of encounters (remember people approach us and ask, not the other way around!). When talking to 3 girls one made the fatal mistake of asking if I had a Strepsil....when Jesus healed her sore throat she went wide eyed, stared at her 2 friends and declared with a wide smile on her face and a laugh "..Freaky..." . Miracles are the dinner bell of salvation! We were briefly joined by Fergus Ryan who encouraged us (yep. we always need that!). Huddled together under a flowery lamppole in the midst of a heavy shower on Grafton Street the corridors of heaven were cried out to in supplication for the pre-believers. To God be all the glory!! As I write this my good wife and a lady evangelist are up fishing amongst the departing Rod Steward fans at the RDS. He who gathers crops in summer is a wise son, but he who sleeps during harvest is a disgraceful son (Proverbs 10:5). Rejoice Always. Ant

Sunday, July 08, 2007

Bums off not on seats!

Grafton Street 11pm Friday and 3pm Saturday and Temple Bar Square 10pm Saturday were our fishing grounds and times this weekend and the Lord was continually with us. He was with me as I grabbed Wes' hand and let him call on the only name by which we are saved. He was there when Wes was then miraculously and instantly healed of a groin injury (see Mark 16:18, Hebrews 13:8). He was there when a demonized drunken pre-believer tried to punch and headbutt me. He was there when saints gathered from Killarney Dublin Liverpool and Africa and together held up "Jesus". He was there when the enquiring Dutchman ignored the mocking of his friends and asked my wife about the way to Heaven. The meat is on the street and we are living in one of the most magnetic cities in the free world!

We can be too concerned about getting bums on seats when God's plan is to get them off! Step by step the church is waking the fact that Jesus wishes none to perish but all to come to repentance. Thanks for all who prayed. We ground troops appreciate air cover more than you can ever imagine!! Now you dear reader are you a good or bad person. If good click on the tab on the right called "Good anough for heaven?" and have a wonderful week.Ant