Monday, December 17, 2007

Stealing Christmas back off the devil!

Christmas brings many different emotions to different people. For many it brings stress, loneliness and depression but for the blood bought born again child of God it brings a reminder of the arrival of our wonderful saviour on the planet! Pagan worship of Mother and Chid which originated in Babylon and spread to the world says that the mother is supreme and the child is helpless. This is the picture of Christmas that many religious people adopt...God love them.. but Jesus was different. He was and is the living word...who is God and existed at the creation and is therefore the only one ever older than HIs mother!! The devil knew the threat to his kingdom caused by the birth of Bethleham's much so that he ordered the bloody and cruel murder of the infants in a demonic and desperate attempt to kill Him before he could lay down his Holy life for the unholy lost. Which camp are you in? Which master do you serve? Whose goodness are you relying on yours or His?

The picture is the "Massacre of the innocents" by Rubens. Remember that if the enemy was so enraged something very Godly and powerful must have been going on in this birth!

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