Tuesday, May 03, 2011


Dublin is a better city because of Street Preacher Dessie. He has a heart of gold and when he shares the Gospel of Jesus Christ he does it with a deep care for the hearers, even though he has to inform them of the dire consequences of their Christ-less existence. As a street preacher myself I know how important this is. We do not judge people but often pronounce God's judgment over those who reject Him. This we can't do in a heartless way. We don't preach to justify ourselves but to portray Christ who justifies the sinner. I have often listened to Dessie stop his message to engage with people, as he is doing in this photo. Many people think street preaches are simply angry people and yet testify to their approachability and grace in a one to one conversation. If you are reading this and are a bit unsure of the next street preacher let me encourage you to wait until he or she is finished and then talk to them, you will be pleasantly surprised I expect. In the meantime be glad that we live in a free country where the Geneva convention is actually practiced and Jesus is lifted high (on occasion!).


Geoff said...

I watched Dessie for a half hour last fortnight. There was no gap for interaction. Microphones nake you heard, not understood. What's wrong with conversation?

Ant said...

@Geoff. What would you have asked him?

Geoff said...

@Ant - I think my first question would be why he doesn't interact more. He draws a bit of a crowd, but very few have their minds changed with one-way conversation.
That seems overly critical of me. We have different world views but I will say I admire his confidence and enthusiasm.
In the heat of the moment he seemed to imply that the Labour party was introducing compulsory abortions for minorities. I doubt this was his intention; I'd have liked clarification.
He also touched on the historicity of the resurrection. I'd like to have heard more on his thoughts, and maybe discuss.

Geoff said...

I spoke with Dessie recently. You are right, I was wrong. He's charming, warm, humble, an excellent listener and full of genuine passion for his message.